Love Is In The Air. And It Smells Like Glorious Coffee.

We're proud of you. You've done the groundwork in building a healthy, loving relationship. We know that (like coffee!) there's a certain amount of effort that goes into growing with a person -- a certain amount of dinner dates and basketball games and brunches with opinionated family members. Despite those sweet gestures, we also know that Valentines Day is definitely not a day to let all of that slide, so let us here at Moustache Coffee Club help you!

Sure, you already give your significant other mushy gushy feelings, but keep their heart racing, even after they leave for work! How? With coffee! Delicious, small batch, single-origin coffee, to be exact. Give the gift of curated, freshly roasted beans delivered to your special someone.

Alright, Give Me The Jist


The Moustache Coffee Club delivers artisanal, whole bean coffee from a large variety of roasters, farms, regions, countries, and profiles. We put in heavy research time to get you the most exciting and unique beans on the market.


Talk about fresh: our coffee is shipped out so quickly after roasting that we have to label our bags with with a "consume after" date so that the beans can finish processing. That way, once you finally brew your first cup, the flavors that go into our seasonal, single-origin beans will be harmoniously discerned.


We put the same amount of love into our coffee as you put into your Valentine. That's a whole lotta love! We select the best artisanal roasters who match our seriousness when it comes to taking single origin green coffee beans and roasting them to a bright perfection.


We offer a variety of subscription plans that satisfy both the casual coffee drinker and the serious connoisseur. Our most popular plan is the Solo Artist, which gives you or your love a fresh new bag of 12 oz. coffee once every two weeks.


Our premium coffee subscription service is competitively priced! Each gourmet bag of 12 oz. beans is $19 (including shipping). So multiply from there depending on which subscription level you choose!

Free Shipping + No Hassle

Did we mention free shipping?! We always provide free shipping. No catch, no membership fees, no commitments. They can also pause their coffee subscription at any time.

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