Amazing. Coffee. Period.

The finest curated single-origin, in-season, premium quality coffee beans, roasted to perfection, hand packed by yours truly and shipped to you on the same day. Stop settling for second best coffee.

Curated Coffee Club

Every week our team reviews lots of coffees from many different roasters. We select the best one and ship it to you. We only ever repeat a coffee when we are inundated with requests from our members. Unlike some services, we don't accept bribes or incentives to influence our selections, we decide based on the quality of the coffee only.

Same Day Roast & Ship

We roast and ship on the same day. This means that our deliveries get to you just in time to start drinking, within 3 days of roasting. We include a Recommended Drink Date on our tasting notes because our shipments arrive before they are ready to drink. Thats fresh.

Truly Fresh Single-Origin Selections


At the Moustache Coffee Club we are serious about our coffee, thats why we only send you single-origin, in-season, premium quality coffee beans. Our service was started out of frustration with paying a premium price but getting 2 week old stale coffee beans. That's why we are zealous about freshness and get our deliveries to you at the perfect time for you to start drinking. We have our beans roasted to order for you. This means that unlike other services which offer a "Roaster's Choice" we don't ship you the ends of the barrel or the beans that nobody wanted in our shop. We ship you the best beans freshly roasted.

200% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you'll like the coffee we choose for you that we will happily refund your money or send you twice the amount of a different coffee. Can't get fairer than that!

Free Shipping + No Hassle

We always provide free shipping along with no membership fees or commitments. You can pause your coffee subscription or cancel at any time. We offer a 200% guarantee if you are not satisfied with your product.

Tasting Notes

We are passionate about what we ship and we want to share that love with you. We provide detailed tasting notes with all our beans so you can get that little bit extra out of your daily cup!

Just Say no to Char

Roasting cheap beans to a dark smoky stage masks the bad flavors in the beans. This allows large companies like Starbucks to get away with buying cheap beans and masking their inferior quality by burning them until all you can taste is the roast. At the Moustache Coffee Club we buy the highest quality beans on Earth and we have them roasted as little as possible to preserve their unique and subtle flavors. We rarely ever select a bean that has been roasted past a light medium roast and most of our beans are very much on the lighter side of things.

Be Your Own Barista

Creating cafe quality coffee at home is simple with the right equipment. It is also rather reasonably priced. If you love coffee and don't want to compromise on taste or go broke in the process brewing coffee at home is a must. A simple setup consists of a pour over coffee maker and a burr grinder. A Chemex can be purchased for $40 and an economical burr grinder for around $99. With a box of filters you are good to go for $150. Well worth the (rather modest) investment in my book.

Got Questions About Equipment or Brewing?

We love to talk about our passion. If you have any questions about what equipment to buy, how to brew, the proper ratios to use etc. just pop us an email and we'll respond straight away. Let us share our coffee knowledge with you.