The Premium Coffee Subscription

The highest quality single-origin beans, delivered to you from top roasters

The Worlds Best Coffee Subscription

Our coffee subscription contains exceptional coffee beans, roasted to perfection. We know because we taste hundreds of coffees to bring you the best each week.

You deserve the best coffee in the world, allow us to find it for you.

Discover a New Coffee Every Week

Our team tastes hundreds of single origin coffees, selecting from a wide array of seasonal offerings as prepared by award winning roasters. From that selection, we pick the absolute best to ship each week.

We never repeat a coffee, so you are guaranteed to always have a new and interesting coffee every shipment.

Fresh Roasted & Shipped The Same Day

We roast and ship on the same day. This means that our deliveries get to you within 3 days of roasting (just in time to start drinking). Check each bag’s Start Drinking On date to ensure you do not brew your coffee too soon after the roast. We invented the "Best After" date because our customers were drinking our coffee before it was ready. Thats fresh.

Truly Fresh Single-Origin Coffee

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At the Moustache Coffee Club, we only send you single-origin, in-season, top quality beans. Our coffee subscription was started out of the frustration of paying a premium price and getting two-week old, stale coffee beans. That's why we’re serious about freshness. Our beans are roasted to order, so unlike other services offering a "Roaster's Choice" we don't ship you the ends of the barrel or the beans that nobody wanted. We ship you the best beans, freshly roasted.

Free Shipping + No Hassle

We always provide free shipping along with no membership fees or commitments. You can pause your coffee subscription or cancel at any time.

A Great Wage for Great Work

Our coffee isn't just fresh and delicious and perfectly roasted – it’s also ethically sourced. For us, selling single-origin coffee goes beyond just knowing the region. We’ll tell you the name of the farm or the farmer who produced our coffee, and ensure that they are paid appropriately. Our farmers are frequently paid a multiple of the Fair Trade mandate.

Just Say No to Char

Roasting cheap beans to a dark smoky stage masks bad flavors of an inferior bean. At the Moustache Coffee Club, we buy the highest quality beans on Earth and have them roasted as little as possible to preserve their unique and subtle flavors. We rarely select a bean that’s been roasted past a medium roast. Accompanying our beans are detailed tasting notes to arm you with the knowledge to find the subtle and delicate flavours in your coffee.

Be Your Own Barista

With some practice and the right equipment you can turn your coffee at home into an artful experience. You can perfect your pourover technique to maintain the perfect bloom or extract just the right balance from your AeroPress. But no matter how much of a badass home barista you are, you’re going to need amazing beans to complete the experience - and we will get you the best coffee the world can deliver.

Got Questions About Equipment or Brewing?

We love to talk about our passion. If you have any questions about what equipment to buy, how to brew, or the proper ratios to use etc. just pop us an email. We love sharing our coffee knowledge and talking to other people about our shared passion.