What are single-origin coffee beans and why should I care?

Boy are we glad you asked!

Single-origin coffee is coffee from a small geographical area, usually a particular farm or small group of farms. It is significant because the characteristics of the region, the soil, the altitude and the aspect (what wine lovers call terroir) all heavily influence the final flavor of the beans.

Because the coffee all comes from a small area and usually one single farmer, the quality of the coffee can be controlled to a much higher degree. "But why doesn't everyone use single-origin coffee beans then" I hear you cry! Bottom line is because this quality doesn't come cheap. Large coffee companies (here's looking at you Starbucks) would much rather pay less for a blend of inferior beans than pay the premium required to secure the best quality single-origin beans.

When does my kick ass weekly shipment of coffee usually get roasted and sent out?

Our coffee is roasted on Thursday and shipped out on the same day. The latest your amazing coffee will arrive is Monday. Just in time for you to start your week off right.

Referring a friend- you KNOW you want to.

We love when you share the love of the Moustache Coffee Club and we feel that you AND your friend should both get something in return. Share the Moustache Coffee Club with your friends and we'll give you $10 credit when they buy their first bag. Simple.

Can I make espresso with your coffee?

Yes. Our beans are perfect for making espresso. Espresso is a method of making coffee and the name of a drink. From wikipedia.. "Espresso is both a coffee beverage and a brewing method. It is not a specific bean, bean blend, or roast level."

Big roasters sell espresso blends, this is so that they can achieve a uniformity of taste over time and so they can use cheaper beans to reduce their cost - they are trying to make the beans themselves a commodity.

Our beans are all single-origin and have been chosen for their high quality and amazing flavors. Espresso is a great way of bringing out the flavor of the underlying coffee bean. Because our beans have wonderful interesting characteristics, your single-origin espresso will really represent the region and bring these flavors to the fore. Enjoy it.

How do you recommend I brew my coffee?

We love the Chemex pour over method, but really these beans are perfect in any brewing method from French Press through to espresso.

We always shoot for about 16:1 ratio of water to ground coffee. This sounds complicated but is actually really simple if you have a scale. If you don't have a scale use a little more than 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per cup of water.

We always use water heated to about 200 degrees. It's important to not have it too hot or too cool as this makes for a bitter or under-extracted brew.

Can I give a membership as a gift?

Hell yea! Click the shiny gifts button above and get gifting.

I just want a free bag of beans, should I sign up for your free trial?

Please don't. If you have no intention of signing up for a subscription don't sign up for our trial.

We only have a limited amount of coffee for the free trial every week. So if we send you a bag a genuine customer who wants to sample our product might miss out. And that would suck. And the resulting bad coffee karma would haunt you for the rest of your life.

How does the free trial work and why do you need my credit card?

The free trial is so you can see how awesome our coffee is without spending money up front. We ship you a 2oz bag of super fresh single-origin coffee beans that will amaze you.

As much as we'd like to, we can't "make it rain" beans on everyone who wants to try us out. We need your credit card to figure out if you are actually interested in buying coffee from us.

We don't charge your credit card for the free trial, but for fraud prevention purposes we may make a small charge ($1) to your card, which is just a pre-authorization and does not capture a charge therefore no money leaves your bank account. If your card does not clear the pre-authorization we do not send you a free trial and you are no longer eligible for a free trial moving forward. If you wish to cancel after your free trial you can do so by responding to the email we send to you letting you know that your free trial is ending. You have until Tuesday at 12PM to submit your cancellation email to us to no longer be put onto an active subscription. If we do not receive your cancellation email by that time your card will be charged and you will be shipped coffee that week.

Whats so special about light roasted coffee?

Here at the Moustache Coffee Club our coffee tends to be much lighter roasted than you'll find from other sources. The minimal roasting means the actual roasting of the coffee doesn't interfere with all the unique and interesting flavors of our single-origin coffee. This allows the true flavors of the coffee bean to come out, rather than masking them behind a burned charred flavor.

Light roasted coffee is far less oily than darker roasted coffee. In fact, oil on your coffee beans is a sure way of knowing that they are over-roasted, probably inferior quality coffee beans.

To read more about the light versus dark roasting check out our blog post on the topic "We Like Big Cups and We Cannot Lie".

How do I (gasp) cancel my membership?

We understand that sometimes things happen and you have to cancel your membership. Always know that you can pause/suspend your membership especially if you will be out of town and not able to receive your amazing coffee delivery! You can pause/suspend your membership via your account page. If you do indeed need to leave us just drop us a line via email and we will update your account for you. Know that if you didn't like your coffee we offer you a 200% money back guarantee and rainbows in exchange.

Is your coffee expensive?

Short answer, no.

Long answer, our coffee is very competitive with other online roasters. We include shipping which most other places do not. We also ship the best coffee on this amazing earth, so please don't compare us to Folgers or Starbucks. Although speaking of Starbucks if you want to order a bag of (badly over-roasted) beans from their online store and have it delivered in the same time frame it will set you back $30.

So yes, our service is pretty reasonable.

Who roasts my coffee each week and how the heck do you pick from all of the awesome local Los Angeles roasters?

We work closely with our roasters to make sure we offer our members the freshest, highest quality, in season, ethically harvested, single origin and lightly roasted beans. Luckily, Los Angeles is a small mecca of craft roasters that meet our criteria. We taste every coffee before we choose to ship it to our members to make sure the quality, balance and taste is just right. We also want to make sure our roaster can handle our order quantity. We take pride in supporting local craft roasters as they offer the freshest product and care about the story behind the bean just as we do. We drive to our roaster each Thursday morning to pick up your beans, hand pack them in Los Angeles (with love) and ship them to you the same day! We are always on the lookout for new roasters in our area and encourage our members to be vocal about a recommendation!

What delivery service do you use? FedEx, USPS, UPS, another acronym or a messenger pigeon?

We utilize the trusty dusty USPS priority, 1, 2 or 3 day shipping to customers in the US. Trust us- the worst thing possible is for you to expect your beans and not get them. We actually have recurring nightmares of members arriving to find an empty mailbox. We take every measure possible to ensure that your beans arrive on time and blow you away.

Can I get Moustache for my office?

Yes you can! Interesting fact, the Moustache Coffee Club are directly responsible for the rise in economic output in the US since May 2013. I've got the charts to prove it, don't make me get them... correlation equals causation right?

Check out our work place coffee plans and start drinking amazing coffee at work.

What is your billing cycle? I like to know when to expect payments to be due/applied.

We bill when we order the coffee from our roasters, and we only bill when we actually order coffee. So we don't bill for a month or for a number of shipments. This tends to be on the Monday that a shipment is due. So every second Monday if you are on a plan that ships every 2 weeks.

If you received a free trial, you have until Tuesday at 12PM to submit your cancellation email to us to no longer be put onto an active subscription. If we do not receive your cancellation email by that time your card will be charged and you will be shipped coffee that week.

What happens when the free trial is over?

When your trial is over, we'll send you an email letting you know and giving you an opportunity to let us know if you want to quit. We usually send this email about 3 days after you get your free bag, so you should have plenty of time to taste the coffee. If you wish to cancel and not begin an membership with us (sad) you have until Tuesday at 12PM to submit your cancellation email to us. If we do not receive your cancellation email by that time your card will be charged and you will be shipped coffee that week.

When I am billed- what shows up on my credit card bill? Is it an actual moustache!?

WE WISH. It shows up as “Moustache Coffee Club.” or for certain charges as "BishBashBox" which is the name of the platform our site is built on.

Does everyone at the Moustache Coffee Club have a moustache?

Sometimes! It all depends on how much coffee Sean has been drinking and coding new features for our members. On average, we have a stash every other month. Katelyn drinks out of a coffee mug that has a moustache on it so we make her an honorary ‘stash holder.

Do you ship to APO/FPO/DPO ?

We sure do. Just enter your address in the shipping address correctly and you are good to go. Your city should be one of APO, FPO or DPO and your state should be one of AA, AE or AP.

Because you are probably sitting on a moving ship half-way around the world we can't offer the same guarantees about shipping time that we give to our US based customers. We normally see shipment times of about 7 days, so seeing as we ship the same day it is roasted your coffee will still be pretty fresh.

Why the Moustache?

When I started drinking amazing third wave coffee in Los Angeles one of the first things I noticed about the baristas was that all the males seemed to have a moustache. So I came to associate moustaches with good coffee. When I started this club I wanted to channel that excellent barista experience but make it accessible to everyone at home.

I know that everyone can experience amazing coffee shop quality coffee at home, it just takes quality fresh beans and some simple equipment.

So I think of it like this. We take care of the amazing coffee and the moustaches leaving you to just brew your daily cup and enjoy.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Check out the small tab on the bottom right hand side screen of your screen that says “Contact Us” - we are always here to provide info, shoot the breeze or hear your thoughts. You can also drop us a line at: info@moustachecoffeeclub.com

What if I am not going to be home one week and am on a fabulous vacation abroad - can I suspend my coffee delivery and not get charged?

OF COURSE! We would hate for you to get a shipment of coffee, be charged and arrive home to stale beans. You can suspend your delivery by logging into your account page and choosing to pause/restart your subscription at any time.

You can learn more about why we decided to start the Moustache Coffee Club on our ABOUT page and also meet them team on our TEAM page.

Cheers and happy coffee times to you!