Select Your Coffee

The following coffees are on our roast schedule and we'll be able to roast and ship them next Tuesday. If you see a coffee you like you can reserve up to a months coffee in advance. If you don't want to choose your coffee don't worry, we will continue picking the best coffee for you each week.

Often times members really like a coffee and ask how they can get it again. If we have any available inventory, it will be listed here and you can opt to have the coffee shipped again. If you don't want to miss out on a particular coffee or would like to swap out a bag of decaf (or regular coffee if you are on the decaf) that works too.

Here is how it works. By clicking the "Add to Queue" button on the details page for the coffee you like we will add that coffee to your queue. You can reserve up to one month of coffees, so that means for weekly customers you can reserve 4 coffees, bi-weekly 2 coffees etc.

We have a limited amount of each of these coffees, so if it is unavailable we will note that on the coffee. If you reserve your coffee for future weeks however we will hold the coffee for you (unless you pause your subscription - we can't hold coffee indefinitely).

Please note that when you reserve a coffee we will try our best to ship it to you in the order your reserve it. Unfortunately we can't guarantee that we will ship the coffee in order. Occasionally we have green shipping delays and/or roasting considerations that mean we don't roast batches of the coffee on a given week. When this situation occurs we will make sure and pick a replacement coffee for you and get the coffee you selected to you on your next suitable shipping day.

You can change your selections any time up until 3 PM EST Sunday for the upcoming week.

This is a new feature, so please reach out if you have any comments or suggestions!