Choose Your Coffee

The selections below are in our current inventory and we'll be roasting and shipping them on Monday. Click on a coffee to learn more!

You can add your favorites to your queue for future subscription shipments, or purchase additional add-on orders if you need extra beans!

Adding To Your Queue

If you see a coffee you're interested in, click the "Add to My Queue" button to reserve a shipment. Your queue can hold up to a month of coffee at any time, and we'll do our best to ship your coffees in the order that they appear in your queue. If you find a coffee you love, you can add it multiple times for multiple shipments until we run out.

We have a limited amount of each coffee - but if you add a coffee to your queue, we'll hold inventory for your next shipment unless you pause your subscription. (In rare cases, we may not be able to roast a coffee you've reserved on a specific week - in that case, we'll send you something else you'll love and ship your queued coffee on its next viable roast day).

Add-on Orders

If you have family and friends visiting or just need extra coffee, you can purchase additional shipments of coffee by clicking the "Add a 6oz Bag" or "Add a 12oz Bag" buttons. This lets us know that you want an extra bag in addition to your regular subscription, and we'll send it along on our next roast day.

You can update your queue and orders any time up until Sunday at 6PM EST for the next week.