MCC Tasting Series

When I'm tasting coffees I frequently come across exquisite and rare coffee. The Geishas, the Cup Of Excellence winners. Coffee that because of its rareness and quality is too expensive to ship in our normal rotation. These coffees are truly great, and for a long time now I've wanted to share them with the club. The MCC Tasting Series is how we are going to do it.

The concept is simple. We find exceptional, rare coffees and we ship as much of the coffee to you as we can for $24. Shipments will be anywhere from 2oz to 6oz of coffee depending on how much we pay for the un-roasted coffee. These coffees are too good not to share and even though not many of us can afford to drink them every day, we still want everyone to be able to have at least a couple of cups of these beautiful coffees.

Shipments to subscribers will happen on an approximately monthly basis. These coffees are hard to come by, and we'd rather wait for something special than ship a less-than-incredible coffee just to keep the schedule regular.

We have a very limited supply of these coffees so shipments will be reserved for subscribers to the Tasting Series. If we have any remaining coffee, club members will be able to purchase one-off shipments from the choose your coffee page.

Because we have such limited supplies and we would like everyone to get a chance to taste the coffee, I'd ask people not to sign up for multiple subscriptions initially. If you would like to receive extra bags outside your Tasting Series subscription please wait until the coffee is available to purchase as an add-on bag.

Tasting Series

$24.00 /bag

The best of the best coffees in the world in your mailbox. Cup of Excellence auction winners, rare coffees and other amazing coffees shipped to your door.

We select the best coffees in the world and ship them to you. We vary the size of the shipment to make it affordable depending on the price of the green coffee with 2oz to 6oz of coffee in each shipment.


International Shipping

Shipping is free to the US and there will be a $12 surcharge for our International friends to cover the increased cost.