About The Moustache Coffee Club


The Best Coffee Subscription

The Moustache Coffee Club was founded in 2013 after Sean spent an entire morning going from coffee shop to coffee shop in Los Angeles, trying to find a bag of high-quality beans that had been roasted in the last week. After visiting 4 different coffee shops in a city renowned for its specialty coffee roasters and failing to find fresh-roasted coffee, he decided that there needed to be an easier way to get high-quality coffee at home. A few weeks later, he was putting together a website to share fresh coffee with other coffee fans, and the rest is history.

Today, Moustache Coffee Club has grown into the premier destination for premium, single-origin coffee subscriptions, including a limited tasting series for rare and award-winning beans. Features like flexible schedule plans and an artificial intelligence to help personalize selections for each member have turned a simple coffee of the month club into a much more streamlined specialty coffee delivery experience. Coffee lovers in over 60 countries have turned to MCC for freshly roasted coffee delivery to their homes and offices, and the club continues to grow every day. Join the club today and see what we're all about!

The Founder


Sean - Founder, CEO, & Chief Moustache-Haver

Favorite Origin: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Favorite Process: Washed

Favorite Brewing Method: Chemex & V60

Sean founded MCC in 2013, after moving to America from Ireland and experiencing specialty coffee for the first time. With a PhD in Computer Science, Sean has built all the club’s tech - including the scheduler and coffee selection algorithm. From the outset, Sean has led the charge on elevating the quality and variety of coffees for the club, and finding ways to get them to members as fresh as can be. When he’s not thinking about beans, Sean is an avid squash player, burgeoning cyclist, and rugby connoisseur.

We believe 3 things:


1. Fresh coffee is better coffee

Freshness is a key component of premium coffee, and we're serious about it here at MCC. We roast and ship on the same day so that our coffee subscription boxes arrive in your mailbox at the peak of freshness.

We actually had to create a "start drinking on" date for our coffees because they were arriving so quickly that club members were drinking them before the beans had enough time to rest. Can't get much fresher than that!


2. Quality is king

In general, the most important part of making the perfect cup of coffee is the quality of the beans. We source premium single-origin coffee beans from expert producers in the world's best coffee-growing regions to share with the club, and we proudly pay well above fair-trade prices to secure high-quality lots from exemplary producers. Doing so is an integral part of supporting the continued growth of specialty coffee around the world. We take traceability very seriously and include as many details as we can about each coffee's farmer, processing methods, and local environment. We aim for excellence in the entire coffee process, from crop to cup.


3. Variety is the spice of life

You don't eat the same food every day, so why would you drink the same coffee every day? We love variety, and we keep this in mind as we test thousand of coffees. We select coffee beans with unique flavors and processing methods from expert farmers around the world. You won't see blends or year-round offerings on our site, because we're continually sourcing the best in-season coffees we can find. Our members routinely enjoy coffees from Kenya, Ethiopia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Burundi, and more! We love to feature beans from renowned growing regions like Yirgacheffe and Huehuetenango as well as stand-out lots from places you haven't heard of yet.

Why Coffee Subscriptions?

We don't do this because it's the easiest way to sell coffee on the internet. It isn't. But we do think it's the best way to bring the highest quality coffee to people at home. Everything about the subscription model helps us deliver on our beliefs.

Freshness: Selling coffee retail involves a bunch of added time for the beans to transport, sit in stock rooms and on shelves, slowly losing flavor before anyone brews it up. In a subscription model, we can roast and ship same-day so that our coffee is always enjoyed at peak freshness.

Quality: One of the benefits of being an online subscription company is that we don't have a ton of overhead. While other coffee companies spend money on hip architects, upgrading cafe equipment, and expanding a retail footprint, we can focus all our time, energy, and capital on finding the best beans available and compensating producers fairly for their product.

Variety: Retail roasters and coffee of the month clubs that sell the same coffee all year usually do so because they're locked into massive buying commitments, or need to "play to the middle" with coffees that don't stand out but appeal to the widest grocery store audience. Our base of subscribers on a mix of flexible plans allows us to source multiple specialty coffees at once. We can confidently buy the most unique lots as they're available, knowing that we have a community of engaged coffee-lovers eager to give them a try.

As a bonus,the subscription model allows us to cut down on waste. Premium green coffee is a finite resource, and only so much is available in any given season. Knowing exactly how much coffee we need each week allows our roaster to avoid overroasting, and helps prevent us from sourcing excess packaging material. It's a win for coffee enthusiasts that also happens to be a win for the environment, and that makes us happy.