About the Moustache Coffee Club

In the Beginning

The Moustache Coffee Club was founded after Sean spent a morning going from coffeeshop to coffeeshop in LA trying to find a bag of good beans that had been roasted in the last week. After visiting 4 different coffeeshops in a city renowned for its coffee roasters and failing to find fresh-roasted coffee, he decided that there must be an easier way.

Fresh Roasted Coffee

The Moustache Coffee Club is a coffee curation club. We find amazing single-origin coffee beans every week, roast them to perfections and ship them to our members all over the world. We are fanatical about freshness and we ship beans the day they are roasted to get them to our customers as soon as possible.


You don't eat the same food every day, why would you drink the same coffee every day? Coffee comes from the fruit of the coffee plant, is a seasonal product. We find the freshest coffees from around the world and roast a new coffee every week, guaranteeing you an endless supply of amazing coffees.

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Coffee is King

We believe that the most important part of making the perfect cup of coffee is the quality of the beans. They must be sourced from high-quality growers and must be roasted with attention to their unique characteristics. At the Moustache Coffee Club, we're constantly testing green coffees from around the world looking for our next shipment. We only select premium single-origin coffees and we roast each shipment meticulously so as not to obscure its nuanced flavors.

Coffeeshop Quality Coffee

We firmly believe that anybody can drink coffeeshop quality coffee at home without spending a small fortune on expensive gear. With fresh beans and a simple setup anybody can have a coffeeshop in their kitchen, and we're committed to helping our subscribers learn more about brewing the perfect cup.