Index of Coffee Topic Categories on the Site

Costa Rican Coffee

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Decaf Coffees

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Natural Coffees

Natural Coffee

There are two main coffee processing methods: washed coffee and natural coffee. For washed process coffee, the skin and fruit of the coffee cherry are removed and the co...

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Geisha Coffees

Geisha Coffee Geisha (or Gesha) is a coffee varietal that is traced back to Ethiopia, but became famous after it became established in Panama. Known for a very delicate aromatic and flora... ... read more.

Washed Coffee

Washed Coffee

There are a number of standard coffee processing techniques that you may be aware of. The two main ones are washed coffee and natural coffee. For washed process coffee...

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Colombian Coffee

Colombian Coffee Colombia is an amazing coffee origin. It has a unique climate which results in almost constant coffee harvesting from different regions. Colombia produces the third larg... ... read more.

Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopian Coffee Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and it's a solid favorite when you ask for people's favori... ... read more.

Guatemalan Coffee

Guatemalan Coffee Coffee is a mainstay in Guatemala, both as an export crop and as a part of daily life. Coffee is cultivated throughout much of the country and is widely enjoyed by Guate... ... read more.