Colombian Coffee

Colombia is an amazing coffee origin. It has a unique climate which results in almost constant coffee harvesting in different regions. Colombia produces the third largest amount of coffee in the world, but the largest quantity of Arabica beans. The largest importer of Colombian coffee is the US and it is definitely one of the United States' favorite origins.

Coffee Production

In the majority of Colombia coffee is produced on small farms of 2 - 6 hectares. The coffee is usually processed on the farm and dried parchment is delivered to a coop or exporter for dry milling.

Because of Colombia's unique climate multiple pickings of coffee take place from the same farms each year. Given the variety in Colombia's geography and climate this means that fresh Colombian coffee is available much more frequently than from other origins.


The majority of Colombian coffee is processed as washed coffee. This is the traditional method of production and the humid conditions make naturals and honey processed coffee much more difficult and risky for the farmer.

Past Colombian Coffee