Tasting Notes: Caramelized Sugar, Apricot, Floral

Tasting Notes: Caramelized Sugar, Apricot, Floral

Item information

Santa Elena #2

Item information

Huila, Colombia


Variety: Caturra

Processing: Washed

Origin: Huila, Colombia

Producers: Maria Damaris Medina

Altitude: 1836m

Finca Santa Elena is located in the Pital municipality of Huila Department, Colombia - prime real estate for excellent coffee growing. Maria Damaris Medina farms Caturra and Castillo beans across five acres, separating her lots judiciously to produce coffees with unique tastes all from the same farm. Santa Elena #2 is a 100% Caturra lot, a popular varietal in Central and South America that lends itself well to high-density planting due to its smaller size. When done responsibly, high-density planting can allow farmers to increase their crop yield without needing to expand the footprint of their farms - preserving more natural land and cutting down on the cost of improvements for farmers. Did we mention that Caturra beans are also delicious? Because you're about to find out!

Santa Elena #2 has a flavor profile packed with fruity tastes that we love. We're picking up on a stonefruit note that reminds us of apricot most directly, as well as a lovely caramelized sugar sweetness and some floral tones as well. It's a great coffee to brew for any occasion - and with such a crowd-pleasing profile we think it's a great lot to share with friends. If you needed an excuse to invite some friends over for a brew - Santa Elena #2 should make a great impression. Enjoy!

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