How Moustache Coffee Club Works

Starting A Subscription

Starting a subscription plan is easy. Head over to our subscriptions page and select two things:

1. How much coffee you'd like in each shipment. (6oz or 12oz)

2. How often you'd like coffee delivered. (Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly)

Then create an account, enter your payment & shipping details, and you're all set. We'll send freshly-roasted coffee straight to the mailbox of your choice.


Your First Shipment

We roast and ship on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, so your first shipment of coffee should arrive 3 days later, at the peak of freshness and flavor. (International shipments may take a little longer).

A few days after your shipment arrives, we'll send you an email and ask you to rate your coffee. These ratings help us build a profile of your preferences that we use to customize future selections to your specific tastes.

Constant Variety

Since coffee is a seasonal crop grown around the globe, there's a whole world of unique flavors to explore. And to be honest, it bums us out to see folks mixing coffees into a generic house blend that tastes more or less "brown."

At MCC, we select the best micro-lots from expert producers to create an ever-changing inventory of beans that reflects which regions are in season, as well as highlighting different processing methods and unique varietals. We introduce a new lot each week, so you'll always have something new to try.

Specialty coffee should taste special! Click here to see what's roasting soon..

We even offer a limited-release subscription for rare varietals, hard-to-find processes, and award-winning like Cup of Excellence auction lots. Check out our Tasting Series to learn more!

Full Customization

You can choose which coffees you receive by heading to your schedule. This will show you which days your plan is scheduled to roast, and let you choose which coffees you'd like to roast for you on those days. If you need some extra coffee one week, or need to skip a few shipments because you're going on a rad vacation - you can make all those changes in the scheduler.

If you don't want to choose which coffees you receive, you still get customized selections. Our purpose-built artificial intelligence will read your ratings for previous coffees and choose the best coffee for you on your roast day. The more coffees you rate, the better your selections get - allowing you to explore different coffees with the confidence that you'll enjoy delicious cups every time.

Updating Your Subscription

You can make changes to your account anytime! However, since we roast everything to order, we need to have our totals locked-in so we don't waste any beans. If you want to update your schedule, purchase an additional order, update or (gasp) cancel your subscription, it's no worries. Just be sure to do so before our weekly production deadlines:

6PM ET on Sunday for Monday roasts

6PM ET on Monday for Tuesday roasts

6PM ET on Thursday for Friday roasts

You can change your subscription plan, adjust your coffee preferences, or skip a few shipments via your account dashboard.

For longer pauses, cancellations, or any other account questions - just drop us a line:

Still Curious?

Check out our FAQ for even more nitty-gritty details, or send us a note. We love chatting coffee!

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