Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name Moustache Coffee Club?

I was poking fun at all the pretentious moustache wearing baristas who acted like they knew the secrets of coffee and were the guardians of all coffee knowledge in the universe. The elitist attitude to coffee really bugged the hell out of me.

I know that everyone can experience amazing coffee at home, it just takes quality fresh beans and some simple equipment. Being rude to your customers with the whole "you aren't worthy" attitude just gives speciality coffee a bad name.

I decided to start a company that was upfront about coffee and didn't speak down or condescend to our customers.

So we jokingly referred to the company as the "Moustache Coffee Club" and the name kind of stuck.

So I think of it like this. We take care of the amazing coffee and the moustaches (although we draw the line at prohibition era flat caps) leaving you to just brew your daily cup and enjoy.

It's also a daily reminder not to take ourselves too seriously and just focus on the coffee!

What are single-origin coffee beans and why should I care?

Boy are we glad you asked!

Single-origin coffee is coffee from a small geographical area, usually a particular farm or small group of farms. It is significant because the characteristics of the region, the soil, the altitude and the aspect (what wine lovers call terroir) all heavily influence the final flavor of the beans.

Because the coffee all comes from a small area and usually one single farmer, the quality of the coffee can be controlled to a much higher degree. "But why doesn't everyone use single-origin coffee beans then" I hear you cry! Bottom line is because this quality doesn't come cheap. Large coffee companies (here's looking at you Starbucks) would much rather pay less for a blend of inferior beans than pay the premium required to secure the best quality single-origin beans.

Can I give a membership as a gift?

Of course you can! Click the shiny gifts button above and get gifting.

How do you recommend I brew my coffee?

We love the Chemex pour over method, but really these beans are perfect in any brewing method from French Press through to espresso.

We always shoot for about 16:1 ratio of water to ground coffee. This sounds complicated but is actually really simple if you have a scale. If you don't have a scale use a little more than 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per cup of water.

We always use water heated to about 200 degrees. It's important to not have it too hot or too cool as this makes for a bitter or under-extracted brew.

I just want a free bag of beans, should I sign up for your free trial?

Please don't. If you have no intention of signing up for a subscription don't sign up for our trial.

We only have a limited amount of coffee for the free trial every week. So if we send you a bag, a genuine customer who wants to sample our product might miss out. And that would suck. Also the resulting bad coffee karma would haunt you for the rest of your life.

Do you guys offer Decaf?

YES! For those of you looking for an alternative to your favorite caffeinated beverage, look no further. We offer exquisite sugarcane and water processed decaf coffees.

Simply email us about your Decaf needs and we'll take it from there. Whether you simply can't handle caffeine or you need to mellow it out after your 5th cup, Moustache Coffee Club has your back.

Referring a friend, you know you want to.

We love when you share the love of the Moustache Coffee Club and we feel that you AND your friend should both get something in return. Share the Moustache Coffee Club with your friends and we'll give you $10 credit when they buy their first bag. They get $10 off their first bag. Simple.

Can I make espresso with your coffee?

Yes. Our beans are perfect for making espresso. Espresso is a method of making coffee and the name of a drink. From Wikipedia.. "Espresso is both a coffee beverage and a brewing method. It is not a specific bean, bean blend, or roast level."

That being said, we know that dialing in each time to pull the perfect shot can be a drag. It can also eat up a lot of coffee. To help out, we do offer a dedicated subscription of delectable single-origin coffee! Unlike our normal subscription that changes coffee from week to week, the espresso subscription selection remains more consistent. This consistency results in fewer wasted shots and more awesome espresso for you to enjoy!

Our beans are all single-origin and have been chosen for their high quality and amazing flavors. Espresso is a great way of bringing out the flavor of the underlying coffee bean. Because our beans have wonderful interesting characteristics, your single-origin espresso will really represent the region and bring these flavors to the fore.

Simply email us about your espresso needs! Let Moustache Coffee Club take care of getting you your coffee so that you can worry about more important things... like how to make impressive latte art.

When does my kick ass weekly shipment of coffee usually get roasted and sent out?

Our coffee is usually roasted on Tuesday and shipped out on the same day. In the US 99% of our shipments arrive by Friday.

How do I (gasp) cancel my membership?

We understand that sometimes things happen and you have to cancel your membership. Always know that you can pause/suspend your membership, especially if you will be out of town and not able to receive your amazing coffee delivery! You can pause/suspend your membership via your account page. If you do indeed need to leave us you can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing us at . If you need to make any changes to your account, be sure to do so before Sunday at 6PM EST for those changes to apply in the upcoming week.

Please note that because we ship in season coffees (and so we don't hold green coffee for long periods of time), if you pause or suspend your membership any inventory reservations you have will be removed and become available for other members.

How does the free trial work and why do you need my credit card?

The free trial is so you can see how awesome our coffee is without spending money up front. We ship you a 6oz bag of super fresh single-origin coffee beans that will amaze you.

As much as we'd like to, we can't "make it rain" beans on everyone who wants to try us out. We need your credit card to figure out if you are actually interested in buying coffee from us.

We don't charge your credit card for the free trial, but for fraud prevention purposes we may make a small charge ($1) to your card, which is just a pre-authorization and does not capture a charge (i.e. no money leaves your bank account). If your card does not clear the pre-authorization or fails our fraud process for any other reason we do not send you a free trial and you are no longer eligible for a free trial moving forward.

Why do I need to email to cancel, why not have a button?

Good question. There are three main reasons why we don't have a cancellation button on the site. In fact, we did have a button before but we decided it was best to remove it.

First off, we are an online only store so we have limited points where we can gain feedback from our customers and in doing so make our service better. We've found that having a point were we can ask anybody who is cancelling why they are cancelling really helps us spot any big problems and any other issues that we might have missed. So, if you do cancel we'll ask you for a bit of feedback, please let us have it (especially if it is negative), it's the only way we can get better.

The second main reason is so that when somebody cancels we have a record of it that is not disputable by either one of us (a weak form of non-repudiation for you nerds out there). It means that we both have a record of your cancelling and so we both know that you did. I can't deny that you cancelled and you can know exactly when you cancelled. Doing this by email means you don't need to trust our webservers to record this event.

The last reason is probably the most important. It's because it allows us to offer a free trial. Unfortunately when you offer a free trial on the internet, people attempt to take advantage. Even if only 1% of our customers decide to act with less than honourable intentions we could end up dealing with 1000s of jokers a year. And by acting dishonourably here I mean signing up for 100s of free trials or otherwise trying to take advantage of our generosity. You would actually be amazed the lengths people will go to get free stuff on the internet, and the absolute brazenness of some people when they feel they aren't dealing with a human. Having a person read the cancellation email and process it introduces a human into the equation. This human involvement limits the amount of fraud (it just cuts down on the amount of people trying to get away with things) and makes it very easy to spot suspicious behaviour because our human brains are very good at spotting patterns (e.g we seem to be shipping a lot of free trials to one postcode in Arkansas).

Is your coffee expensive?

Short answer, no.

Long answer, our coffee is very competitive with other online specialty roasters. We also ship the best coffees on this amazing earth, so keep that in mind when comparing our single-origin beans to Folgers or Starbucks blends.

You only charge $22 including shipping for a bag of coffee, why is it so cheap?

So, on other sites you can see coffees, perhaps even from the same origin with retailers charging $30 and up for the coffee. You see our coffee priced at $22 including shipping and you think there must be something wrong with it. How can we afford to ship it for so cheap?

Simple. 1) we don't want to rip you off for the coffee. 2) We don't waste any coffee. All of our coffee is roasted to order, so we have zero wasted coffee. It doesn't sit in our store slowly going stale, we only order exactly the amount of coffee we need. 3) We've created a very efficient online shopping experience that doesn't need a large staff to support it, so we can spend our money and energies getting you the highest quality coffee, week after caffeinated week. 4) we don't have a incredibly expensive store designed by an amazing architect in San Francisco with a bunch of people standing around costing us money, we are 100% focused on shipping you premium coffee every week.

What delivery service do you use? FedEx, USPS, UPS, another acronym or a messenger pigeon?

We utilize the trusty dusty USPS to ship to customers in the US. Trust us- the worst thing possible is for you to expect your beans and not get them. We actually have recurring nightmares of members expectantly checking only to find an empty mailbox. We take every measure possible to ensure that your beans arrive on time and blow you away.

Unfortunately, although we have tried, it turns out we can't control the weather, freak traffic patterns, or your postman getting sick. So on occasion our shipments take slightly longer to get to you. You can track your packages from the account pages. If it consistently takes longer than 3 days (for US shipments) there is probably something up (an active forwarding in the system, or an error in your address), so you should talk to your local post office about it.

Can I get Moustache for my office?

Yes you can! Interesting fact, the Moustache Coffee Club is directly responsible for the rise in economic output in the US since May 2013. I've got the charts to prove it, don't make me get them... correlation equals causation right?

Check out our workplace coffee plans and start drinking amazing coffee at work. (Click the "Office" tab)

What is your billing cycle? I like to know when to expect payments to be due/applied.

We usually bill when we finalize our roasting schedule. This tends to be on the Sunday that a shipment is due. Obviously if you are on our weekly plan this will happen every week, or every second Sunday if you are on a plan that ships every 2 weeks etc. If you are on one of our plans that bills for an extended period of time (e.g. 6 or 12 months) your next billing cycle will start when you've used up all of your shipments. This will usually be whatever the period of your subscription is, unless you have paused or skipped subscriptions and of course we will ship these to you before we start another billing cycle.

What happens when the free trial is over?

When your trial is over, we'll send you an email letting you know and giving you an opportunity to let us know if you want to quit. We usually send this email about 3 days after you get your free bag, so you should have plenty of time to taste the coffee. If you wish to cancel and not begin a membership with us (sad) you have until 6:00 PM EST that night to cancel your subscription before we send you your first bag. This is a tight turnaround but otherwise you'd be without coffee for a week and we know you wouldn't want that.

When I am billed- what shows up on my credit card bill? Is it an actual moustache!?

WE WISH. It shows up as “Moustache Coffee Club.” or for certain charges as "BishBashBox" which is the name of the platform our site is built on.

Does everyone at the Moustache Coffee Club have a moustache?

Sometimes! It all depends on how much coffee Sean has been drinking to fuel coding new features for our members. On average, we have a 'stashe every other month.

Do you ship to APO/FPO/DPO ?

We sure do. Just enter your address in the shipping address correctly and you are good to go. Your city should be one of APO, FPO or DPO and your state should be one of AA, AE or AP.

Because you are probably sitting on a moving ship half-way around the world we can't offer the same guarantees about shipping time that we give to our US based customers. We normally see shipment times of about 7 days, so seeing as we ship the same day it is roasted your coffee will still be pretty fresh.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

You can always drop us a line at and we'll get back to you posthaste.

What if I am not going to be home one week and am on a fabulous vacation abroad - can I suspend my coffee delivery and not get charged?

OF COURSE! We would hate for you to get a shipment of coffee, be charged and arrive home to stale beans. You can suspend your delivery by logging into your account page and choosing to pause/restart your subscription at any time.

To pause a shipment for the week you must pause before 6 pm EST on Sunday night. This is so we don't charge your card and order your coffee. Once we've placed your order with the roaster we can't cancel it (it's very hard to un-roast coffee).

I want to buy a gift for somebody. Should I buy the gift and claim it myself?

Please don't do this. You can purchase a gift and then assign it to your own account but this generally just leads to confusion.

Gifts act as credit on your account. Once the credit is used up we will resort to whichever card is on file. Usually this will be the card you paid for the gift with and so the subscription will continue. If this is what you want great, but if not read on.

If you just want to pay for a fixed amount of time, just purchase a gift and insert the receivers email address and all will be good with the world. They will receive emails about their shipment and will be able to put in the best shipping address and manage skipping shipments etc.

But I really really want to put in the shipping address myself, the recipient doesn't know how to use email/is not to be trusted on the internets!

OK, if you really really have to input somebody else's shipping address and can't go through the normal gift flow we suggest you create the gift as per usual and send it to an email you control. Then create a new account for the recipient and use this to claim the gift (make sure to log out of your own account first). But do so at your own risk, this is not the recommended way to go about gifting and you'll be responsible for any accounts you create!

Can I purchase coffee without a subscription?

Yes. If you go to the choose your coffee page and select a coffee you can purchase a 6 oz or 12 oz without a subscription.

How does my coffee get selected

Here at the Moustache Coffee Club we've developed a complex artificial intelligence to help us select your coffee every week. From your point of view it works really simply. You receive coffee and then rate it. The more coffees you rate the more we know about your preferences and the better your coffee selections get. Our coffee selection AI looks at all of your previous ratings and other customers who are like you and uses that to predict the coffee you will like.

It works pretty well, and even if you don't rate the coffees you'll be matched with my preference (Sean) and so you'll get some pretty awesome coffees (cause you know I've got great taste, right?)

What is this Classic Profile

Most of our coffees have focused on brighter fruitier coffees. The Classic Profile is a more traditional flavor profile that is focused on flavors of Chocolate, Caramel with a lower acidity. If thats something that appeals to you, you can opt in to receive Classic Profile coffees on the preferences page .

If you'd like to try one out, you can head over to the choose your coffees page and add one to your shipment queue.

As with our Decaf shipments, selecting Classic Profiles only may restrict the variety of your coffee. We don't have 52 different classic profiles per year so you may see some repeat coffees.

What if I really love a coffee or see something I like

We've got you!

If you really like a coffee or if you like to pick your own coffee in advance you can head over to the choose your coffee page and peruse the coffees we have in our inventory for next week. You can reserve up to one month of coffees in advance. So if there is something you really love, you can add it to your queue and keep loving it!

You can also reserve a decaf coffee or a coffee from our Classic Series if you aren't on one of those plans.

Do you ship to Alaska?

Yes of course. We don't make the same timing guarantees about our shipping to the lower 48 but delivery times are usually very similar (i.e. under 3 days)

How do I contact support

You can contact support by clicking the "contact" link in the footer (it will open your default email client) or by copying the address .