Tasting Notes: Lime, Chocolate, Panela

Tasting Notes: Lime, Chocolate, Panela

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Tasting Series: Los Alpes

Item information

Huila, Colombia


Variety: Caturra, Colombia

Processing: Washed

Origin: Huila, Colombia

Producers: Amparo Pajoy

Altitude: 1800m

You’re in for an absolute treat when you brew this lot of Los Alpes, which placed in Colombia’s Cup of Excellence competition! These incredible Colombia and Caturra beans were grown by Amparo Pajoy and her husband Reinel Paz. The couple bought the farm when they got married, and have been tending the land and expanding the family business as their children grow. Now, three of their sons help Reinel manage planting and maintaining the coffee trees, while Amparo focuses on post-harvest handling and processing the coffee. Amparo has conducted many experiments to see how different fermenting, soaking, and drying times affect their crops - and over the years has dialed in a formula that’s specific to the coffee grown at Los Alpes. It’s a winning recipe - with their lots garnering higher and higher prices and regional acclaim, Amparo and Reinel’s joint venture is prospering.

We love seeing varietals like Colombia and Caturra in a COE lot because it means that the coffee must really perform to stand out among a competition field of rare varietals like Gesha and Pink Bourbon. This coffee distinguishes itself with a bright lime acidity that lights up the cup, balanced out by a smooth, dark chocolate note. The push and pull between these flavors is in perfect harmony, making a brew that’s balanced, sweet, and tart. Coffees like this don’t come around every day, which is why we’re glad to have the Tasting Series to share exceptional brews like this one with all of you.

Each shipment will include 6oz of coffee

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