Jasmine, Peach, Vanilla

Jasmine, Peach, Vanilla

Item information

Las Mangas

Item information

Narino, Colombia


Variety: Castillo

Processing: Washed

Origin: Narino, Colombia

Producer: Amparo Maya Guerrero

Altitude: 1890-2100m

Las Mangas is a farm owned and operated by Amparo Maya Guerrero in Chachagui, southern Narino, Colombia. Amparo is a member of the Café Occidente cooperative, a large coop with over 1600 members and branches in 12 different Colombian municipalities, including several Cup of Excellence winners in the past several years. The coop has established a program with exporters to highlight individual members producing high-quality lots, which is how Las Mangas came in contact with our friends at Nordic Approach. Being in Narino means dealing with lots of rain - so the coffees at Las Mangas are dried under parabolic structures to protect the beans from moisture and keep things consistent.

This lot is a stand-out Colombian with all the right traits of a delicate, washed coffee. We're talking strong jasmine-like florals, juicy peach tones, and even some subtle hints of vanilla. It's a complex coffee that rewards some tinkering - but with flavors this good, we're willing to bet that you'll happily pay it some extra attention while brewing. We're really excited about this coffee at the MCC roastery, and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!

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4.5 out of 5

Very good coffee

Yet another win from MCC. A pleasure to drink.

Nathaniel Hourt


Member Since

April '21

5.0 out of 5

Amazing Coffee

Right up there with Suke Quto for my favorite of 2021 thus far. Las Mangas is fascinating - bold flavors yet subtle nuances to uncover beneath. Well-balanced but very complex, taking you on a roller-coaster ride of flavors. Pleasant aftertaste that really lingers. This is one to savor.

Ethan R


Member Since

October '15

5.0 out of 5

Excellent Columbian Coffee

This is one of my favorite coffees. There is lots of subtle complexity and very nice body. The finish is lasting and delicious. I look forward to each cup twice a day!

Gaylord Hanson

San Diego

Member Since

December '20

5.0 out of 5

Solid cup :-)

Solid cup of coffee. Nice and velvety, with a mild, but not boring character. Really enjoyed!

L Win

Cave Creek

Member Since

June '21

5.0 out of 5

Wow - smell + taste is amazing!

This was my first coffee shipment and I had some hesitations going into it. Pleasantly surprised by this first batch! Opening the bag was so very refreshing and delightful! Sometimes the smell doesn't match the flavor - but that was not the case here! Such a great flavor and and it is so smooth! Absolutely love it!

On 07/09/21 BJ said

That's what we like to hear! Welcome to the club - and drop us a line anytime with any questions! :)

jacquelyn Kiernicki


Member Since

February '21

4.0 out of 5

Las Mangas

A very earthy coffee with complex subtle flavors lingering after the sip goes down. Most of the notes come out after the initial swig and swirl, love the coffee, a very mild and easy drinker.

Derek Berger


Member Since

July '21