Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Wine, Tart

Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Wine, Tart

Item information

El Cajon

Item information

Narino, Colombia


Variety: Caturra

Processing: Washed

Origin: Narino, Colombia

Producers: Rodolfo Victoriano Cerón

Altitude: 2200m

Finca El Cajon is located in the Funes municipality of Nariño, about an hour from the border with Ecuador. Rodolfo Victoriano Cerón operates the small farm, which has one hectare planted with caturra trees at 2200m. High altitudes like this go hand-in-hand with cooler temperatures, which allow the cherries to develop slowly and preserves sweet flavors. An added benefit of high altitude growing is that fewer (if any) pests exist high up in the mountains, which gives farmers one less thing to worry about during the growing process. It can be logistically difficult to harvest, process, and deliver crops from remote locations higher up in the mountains but we're always excited when we see a producer like Mr. Cerón who is up for the challenge and producing excellent crops.

Washed coffees from Narino are always interesting, and this lot doesn't disappoint! We're tasting substantial, juicy fruit flavors like raspberry along with some really clean crispness that reminds us of white wine or gooseberries. The aroma has some floral qualities as well, which makes this coffee a delight from first grind all the way through to the last drop. Enjoy!

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Liked this one

The name sounded familiar, seems like I had tried this one before. First cup was really good, finishing off my second over an hour later and even though it has cooled off and is tepid, I can still drink it, -not bitter or off tasting at all. Good choice for me, Thank you.

mary loftin


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February '18

4.0 out of 5


Very nice bodied.. light to medium roast... smooth on the pallet!

Zoli Hajdu

Sherman Oaks

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July '19