Floral, Lime, Strawberry

Floral, Lime, Strawberry

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MB5: El Encanto Geisha

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Antioquia, Colombia


Every so often, we end up with small amounts of Tasting Series coffees left over after the Tasting Series has been shipped. This is crazy delicious coffee - think Gesha, Pink Bourbon, Cup of Excellence winners - all the rare, top-shelf stuff. It's been killing us to have these green beans sit un-roasted knowing how incredible they still are - so we've decided we're going to roast them!

The catch is - we're not going to tell you what a Mystery Batch is ahead of time, there will be extremely limited quantity, and we'll put them on the site with very little notice. (If you want regular access to coffees like this, you'll still need to join the Tasting Series).

In exchange for taking a chance - you'll get a Mystery Batch shipment at our standard pricing which is, frankly, a ridiculous discount for these types of extra-special coffees. Those lucky enough to snag this mystery batch received: El Encanto Geisha!

Variety: Geisha

Processing: Washed

Origin: Antioquia, Colombia

Producers: Juan Saldarrriaga

Altitude: 1380-1600m

This lot of Geisha is the premiere coffee from Juan Saldarriaga's El Encanto farm, a 26 hectare coffee-producing powerhouse in Antioquia, Colombia. Juan's recently made serious investments in coffee processing equipment - including high tech cold dryers that allow him to process natural coffees even in Colombia's humid climate. This lot of Geisha, however, has been fully washed and dried on raised beds in a dedicated greenhouse to acheive unparalleled evenness and clarity of flavor. Mr. Saldarriaga is doing a lot of work to subvert the expectation that coffees from Antioquia are generally muted, chocolatey brews - and no lot is a better example of his effort than this extra-special lot of premium Geisha!

The flavors at play are anything but muted - this coffee can be identified on a cupping table right from the moment the water first hits the grounds with that strong floral quality that Geishas are known for. The clarity of flavor is impressive - with a bright, lime-like acidity and a full-bodied strawberry sweetness that's juicy and smooth. Hats off to Mr. Saldarriaga for his hard work on this incredible lot of rare coffee - and hats off to you being a member and making these brews possible.

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4.5 out of 5

Excellent and perfectly roasted

I tend to lean to more cocoa flavors but really enjoy some good fruitier coffees. This one is very interesting and especially enjoyed how the flavor profile evolved as the temp cooled. Roasted perfectly in my opinion!

On 12/17/21 Kyle said

Woohoo, glad you are enjoying the beans! El Encanto Geisha definitely makes a magical cup :)

Greg O'Shea


Member Since

December '21