Excelso Decaf

Marshmallow, Stonefruit, Pomello

Variety: Caturra, Colombia

Processing: Swiss Water Process

Crop Year: 2016

Origin: Central Valley, Colombia

Producer: Colombia Small-holders

Altitude: 1600m

These delicious decaf beans were prepared starting with exquisite coffee from Colombia's Central Valley, which is well-known for its high-quality farming and preparation. But often, decaf coffees are stripped of their flavor when decaffeinated, leaving a cup that's generic. Thankfully, the Swiss Water Process gently removes caffeine from the beans over time, allowing them to retain their natural characteristics and flavors. Which is great since this coffee's sweet marshmallow and pomello flavors are something you don't want to miss! If you've been looking for a decaf coffee that's got all the taste and aroma that you've come to expect out of a premium-grade Colombian, you've come to the right place!

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July '16
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Solid Decaf

Now I can drink coffee at all hours! These beans pack a lot more sweetness than your typical decaf, while avoiding most of the usual "astringent" feel that comes with the decaf process. Very impressed!


Ryan Baker


Member Since
April '16
7stars 47a7352655fa3ded048196554760f61df8d9125f29993e54d673bd8cd254c1f2

not that store bought decaf

thought this had a good flavor, tasted like a good blend or single origin. i used a drip maker but i might try it as a pour over later. overall it's incredibly hard to find quality decaf when it comes to wanting to drink something at night so I'm very impressed.


Steve and Chantel


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December '17
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It was ok

Decent flavor, but not exciting.