Los Arayanes

Cacao Nibs, Pear, Almond

Variety: Caturra, Castillo

Processing: Washed

Crop Year: 2017

Origin: Narino, Colombia

Producers: Bernul Munoz

Altitude: 1950m

This exceptional washed coffee originated in Colombia's famed Narino region where it was grown high in the mountains on Bernul Munoz' farm Los Arayanes. If you recognize the name, that's because we've shipped some of Bernul's coffee before. We're always impressed by the bold flavors that stand out in his coffee, and we're beyond stoked to bring you a new lot from one of Narino's best coffee growers.

These Caturra & Castillo beans evoke primarily robust flavors like toasted almond and cacao nib, which make for a smooth, drinkable cup that goes perfect with breakfast. There's a touch of fruity sweetness coming from a subtle pear note, but nothing too acidic or bright overpowering the rich, warm taste of nuts and chocolate. We love this coffee, and we hope you do too!

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Joseph DiCicco


Member Since
December '17
10stars b7d0bda0310969033433830e28a863844525eed66031a28909e01440c470fc80


I was thoroughly impressed by this full-bodied cup of coffee. It was great thru my auto-drip, but absolutely amazing thru my Hario pour over. Truly a gem and I'm ordering another bag while it's still available.



Asad Akbany


Member Since
March '18
10stars b7d0bda0310969033433830e28a863844525eed66031a28909e01440c470fc80

Beautifully complex

I was impressed by the development of the flavor profile in my cup. Started with a bright fruity flavor and resolved with the almond/chocolate note. Aftertaste had a mouth-watering quality.



Brad Blackman

Old Hickory

Member Since
December '17
7stars 47a7352655fa3ded048196554760f61df8d9125f29993e54d673bd8cd254c1f2

Very interesting, gets better with each cup

I was unsure based on the description, but it wound up being delicious.