Berry, Dried Fruit, Stonefruit

Berry, Dried Fruit, Stonefruit

Item information

El Morro

Item information

Huila, Colombia


Variety: Caturra, Castillo

Processing: Washed

Origin: Huila, Colombia

Producer: Juan Carlos Quesada Maje

Altitude: 1750m

This is a special single-farmer lot from the Coocentral cooperative in Huila. Juan Carlos Quesada Maje is a 37-year old coffee producer, who works with his wife Gina Paola to grow specialty coffee and avocados on their 3 hectare farm El Morro. As a smaller operation - Gina Paola & Juan Carlos do almost every part of the process by hand - planting starts, pruning trees, harvesting ripe cherry, pulping and washing the cherry, and drying the parchment on raised beds. (They have a little help from Gina Paola’s brother during peak harvest). It’s a real treat to have access to micro-lots like this that represent the excellent work of individual producers - and we’re very glad that Coocentral is committed to making their members’ exemplary coffees available.

Flavor-wise, this coffee has a wonderful richness and complexity. We’re getting some blackberry vibes, along with a tart, concentrated sweetness that reminds us of dried plum or apricot. With coffees from Huila you never know quite where the coffee’s profile is going to land, and that’s part of the fun of exploring different lots. Juan Carlos and Gina Paola are undoubtedly experts in their craft, and we’re honored to be sharing their incredible coffee with the club. Enjoy!

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4.5 out of 5

Good stuff

Rich and complex with a little spice and a bit of tartness. Very enjoyable.

Ethan R


Member Since

October '15

4.0 out of 5

El Morro

Another delicious Colombian coffee from Moustache. Very fruity, complex, nicely balanced, and so easy to drink. Excellent!

Randall LaLonde


Member Since

July '15

5.0 out of 5

Perfect Tasting Notes

I'm hooked after the first cup. Sometimes I have a hard time finding the flavor notes for certain coffees, but definitely not this one. Super complex and fruity - my mouth feels like I ate a handful of dried fruit after finishing the cup. Thanks for another unique coffee experience!

Ethan F


Member Since

March '20

4.5 out of 5

First bag is a winner

First delivery and definitely a winner. Tastes and smells kinda nutty

On 11/30/20 BJ said

Glad to hear you liked it! This coffee's a real mind-bender in my opinion, I love that sweet-but-almond-y taste.

Alan Reid

Los Altos

Member Since

November '20

5.0 out of 5


If I had to choose a single coffee for drinking an entire year, this would be it.

Néstor Uribe-Patarroyo


Member Since

May '16