Classic: Asopep

Chocolate, Prune, Citrus

Variety: Caturra, Typica, Castillo

Processing: Washed

Crop Year: 2017

Origin: Tolima, Colombia

Producers: Asopep Cooperative

Altitude: 2000m

This coffee originated in the Tolima region of Colombia, where it was grown by several members of the Asopep cooperative. A robust organization, Asopep's members have control over the entire production process from harvesting all the way to transporting their coffees to port for shipping. A brand new cupping lab allows members to continually improve their quality, leading to even more excellent coffees like this one! Flavor-wise, this coffee is a decadent experience. A tangy note of dried prune adds some sweetness to the dark chocolate note that makes up the majority of the profile. There is a hit of citrus flavor that adds some zest, but overall Asopep remains a low-acidity, smooth coffee that we felt was perfect for our Classic profiles. Drink up, and let us know what you think!

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Claire Tolias


Member Since
December '17

Classic: Asopep

Very pleased it was a pleasure to open the bag and smell the aroma


Chris Wyatt


Member Since
October '16
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Classic: Asopep

Ok but nothing special.


Benjamin Newland


Member Since
January '18
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Classic: Asopep

A fine coffee, but not as outstanding as the regular profile coffees we've had previously.


Brad Blackman

Old Hickory

Member Since
December '17
6stars a4a0e8b53d318f1f0b1943d53a0b95109dbd5f60e4cf474e2c52c9a78a743e2a

Solid coffee

Solid coffee but I’ve found my tastes have adapted to the more flowery profiles.


Charles Schulz

Los Angeles

Member Since
December '17
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Love It

Chocolate + Coffee? Yes Please.


Newton Farrar


Member Since
January '17
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Very Classic

Average the first brew with small volume... The second and following brews were outstanding with at least a two cup volume and a screen filter which allowed more oils I guess... big difference.


Mitchell Halpern

St Louis

Member Since
January '18
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Very Nice, Interesting Colombian

Extremely tasty and well-balanced with a heartier body than I have experienced in a Colombian. A+!


Chris Kantarjiev

Palo Alto

Member Since
April '17
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Had a hard time getting a consistent, balanced espresso cup

As usual, I had to increase dosage and extraction time quite a bit to even approach a pleasant cup. Still ended up with more acid than I care for - despite your description of it being low-acid! But I like the chocolate/prune flavor combination, but I guess I need to work more to get the extraction right.