Wine, Chocolate, Floral

Wine, Chocolate, Floral

Item information

La Pastora #8

Item information

Antioquia, Colombia


Variety: Caturra

Processing: Anaerobic Washed

Origin: Antioquia, Colombia

Producers: Hernán / Eugenio Prieto

Altitude: 1540-2000M


We have offered a few tasty coffees over the years produced by the Prieto brothers, Hernan, and Eugenio, at their farm Villa Clabelina. La Pastora is located in Antiquoa, Colombia, right next door to Villa Clabelina, and has a similar climate, soil and varieties for growing coffee. The brothers were able to transfer their growing practices while maintaining the separation of growing lots with disciplined processing. This provides the environment for each lot to achieve a unique cup profile. Similar to the processing done up the road, La Pastora is leaning on the deep knowledge of experimental and natural processing methods of Juan Saldarriaga. Anaerobic fermentation provides producers with the flexibility to extend fermentation during processing, giving rise to the development of new and interesting flavors.

This is a really fun coffee to sip on, with nice winey notes commonly associated with anaerobic orange wines. We noticed mild notes of stone fruit, layered with oolong tea-like florals that add a pleasant mouthfeel, and finishes with a rich chocolate.

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4.0 out of 5

Floral Winter

I tasted a very light coffee. Floral notes, hint of then oolong described in the club notes. Very pleasant and delicious coffee to start the day and post lunch. I brewed at a 1:16 coffee to water ratio.

Julio Zepeda

North Hollywood

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November '18