Grape, Floral, Nutty

Grape, Floral, Nutty

Item information


Item information

Huila, Colombia


Variety: Caturra

Processing: Washed

Origin: Huila, Colombia

Producer: Argeniz Gaitan Ortegon

Altitude: 1650m

Porvenir is a great lot of washed Caturra from Huila - a comination that's sure to excite the Colombian fans in the club. Caturra is somewhat of a work-horse varietal that's fairly cheap and plentiful in most areas of Colombia - but its capable of producing wonderful flavors when executed to a high level. The plant is somewhat susceptible to leaf rust which is a constant concern in high-volume producing areas like Huila, but it's still a key player in the overall specialty coffee marketplace.

This lot of caturra from Mr. Ortegon is brewing up nicely for us - and we think it will for you too! We're getting a rich, almost wine-like grape note at the outset, with some light floral tones over a sweet and nutty flavor that reminds a little bit of jordan almonds. Altogether the flavor profile sounds like something you'd find at a formal party - and we think it would definitely suit a special occasion!

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4.5 out of 5

Another Winner

Really enjoying these Colombians recently. Porvenir has a spectacular nose while brewing. Flavor is robust, with a nice burst of sweetness preceding a rich nuttiness. Excellent coffee.

Ethan R


Member Since

October '15

4.0 out of 5

Good - Not Memorable

Me personally, I'm not picking up a lot of flavor. It's a perfectly fine coffee but nothing stands out to me.

Tim McCarthy


Member Since

June '16

5.0 out of 5


This is my favorite so far. I love the nuttiness, great aftertaste and not at all bitter.

Josh Epstein


Member Since

January '15

3.5 out of 5

Good Coffee, Not Great

Fine coffee, but not something I would want to drink on a regular basis.

Michael Hager


Member Since

October '20

4.0 out of 5

Mixed feelings

I have mixed feelings about this coffee. Coffee is very smooth ans flavorful and reminds me of a glass of wine (I find myself sipping it like a glass of wine as well). It is a good cup of coffee ans I do like it. However, it did not blow me away and I don't know if it is a coffee that I would crave and want to reorder for daily use.

Timothy Kim

Great Neck

Member Since

November '20

4.0 out of 5

Porvenir is Delicious Coffee

I agree with David's review of this coffee. The nutty-sweet finish is terrific. Moustache continues to find excellent, small batch coffees. Whether your personal tastes mesh with one kind or not, the coffees are always a little different, always interesting--that's what makes the club unique.

Randall LaLonde


Member Since

July '15

Smooth and aromatic

I brew with a Chemex - enjoying the nuttiness and smooth aftertaste. Also it's been a delicious afternoon iced coffee with a touch of simple syrup.

Kirsten ☕️


Member Since

April '13

4.0 out of 5


This was a bit too acidic for me. Ended up making as cold brew which cut the acidity down and was excellent

Michael Luciani


Member Since

December '20

3.0 out of 5

Light body, grapelike consistency, not too much other flavor.

On the pour over this coffee initially had a bit of a tulip like fragrance or some type of flowery vegetation. It had a grape like accent and consistency with a light body and I didn't get much finishing flavor. Maybe will give an update if I try it on espresso. Enjoyed trying it.

Skylar Venema


Member Since

May '20

4.5 out of 5

Really Enjoying

We've been really enjoying this one.

Dustin Elliott


Member Since

July '15