Tangerine, Green Apple, Caramel

Variety: Castillo

Processing: Washed

Crop Year: 2017

Origin: Huila, Colombia

Producers: Jorge Plaza

Altitude: 1800m

More than 83,000 families in the Huila department's gorgeous hills and valleys grow specialty coffee, according to the Huila department's governor. The region has long been heralded as a leader in Colombia's stellar specialty coffee production, and shows no signs of slowing down. As more and more farmers begin investing in processing equipment and experimenting with new methods, the quality of coffees available has skyrocketed, giving us some really great options to share with the club!

One of our favorites from Huila so far is this lot of Castillo coffee from Jorge Plaza. It's a washed lot, which is fermented for 36 hours before transferring to patios where it is turned and dried over the course of 13 days. This process allows some really bright fruit flavors to stand out in every cup, which is something we're big fans of. A nice tangerine note plays the main role here, giving the cup a great balance of sweetness and citrus-like acidity. A green apple note gives the cup a little more tartness, and a bit of caramel flavor smooths out the aftertaste. We'd love to hear more about how you enjoy a cup of Plaza, review your brews below!

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Denise Green

Fancy Gap

Member Since
May '18
10stars b7d0bda0310969033433830e28a863844525eed66031a28909e01440c470fc80

So bright to start and smooth to finish!

This was my first experience with Moustache Coffee club and I sure picked a winner to start. Great start to my day.


Susan B.


Member Since
February '18

Sorry...first one I did not like

I found the green apple taste somewhat overpowering. The coffee had a slight tartness that I did not care for. The club has really expanded my coffee taste...I had only been drinking the classic style and now I realize that I really enjoy the fruity type of coffee.


Shane Jamison


Member Since
October '15
7stars 47a7352655fa3ded048196554760f61df8d9125f29993e54d673bd8cd254c1f2

Earthy fruit flavors

Overall, I like this coffee. I was expecting a more fruit forward flavor based on the description, but it's a bit more subtle, with an earthiness to it. I've only brewed in a chemex.


Jonathan Garces

Richmond hill

Member Since
April '18
7stars 47a7352655fa3ded048196554760f61df8d9125f29993e54d673bd8cd254c1f2

Something about this one

That first sip always bothers me, but the flavor settles into a pretty smooth cup of coffee. The profile is pretty complex. So far, my least favorite because of the first couple of sour sips. Nevertheless, I love taking this Moustache journey through flavor town!


Gregory Dann

Los Angeles

Member Since
March '18
6stars a4a0e8b53d318f1f0b1943d53a0b95109dbd5f60e4cf474e2c52c9a78a743e2a


Was an interesting coffee. Took a while for it to totally degas for me -- probably about 1.5 weeks before I was getting a significant amount bubbles during my brew (v60). Also agree with some posts below on the "earthier" fruit flavors. Was getting a little bit of the sweet caramel however a tartness was predominantly what I was getting. Nonetheless, while it wasn't my "favorite" I really, really enjoyed drinking it -- for lack of a better way to describe it it challenged my taste buds.


Brittany Triola

Long Beach

Member Since
April '18
7stars 47a7352655fa3ded048196554760f61df8d9125f29993e54d673bd8cd254c1f2

So smooth

This coffee is so smooth,I would prefer something slightly heartier though as it was a very light medium body.


Douglas G Phillips


Member Since
April '18
10stars b7d0bda0310969033433830e28a863844525eed66031a28909e01440c470fc80

Very smooth coffee

This coffee was very smooth and excellent to drink. While bright and slightly acidic, it was very balanced, and a pleasure to drink.


Melanie Claire Wiggins McMillan


Member Since
April '18
7stars 47a7352655fa3ded048196554760f61df8d9125f29993e54d673bd8cd254c1f2

Tasting the Sweet

We are newbies and still not much of a clue...but, we tasted the sweetness and certainly, the caramel. We DO prefer it as an afternoon,early evening coffee. All/every one of these Mustache coffees are fabulous...we are just starting out. Wine and beer connoisseurs for years. Now. Just coffee.


Sheldon Sachs

Mount Kisco

Member Since
September '16
8stars 30f964d825671e936496b1e9b91652b236d1338f7f157d183e3d5d7bf6dc5a84

Smooth, with a hint of fruit and sweetness

Nice, smooth, full bodied, with a hint of sweetness. Not overwhelming in any way. Subtle fruit flavors as well.