Here at MCC - we’re all about bringing the most delicious, highest quality coffee to you at home, and a big part of that involves shipping and packaging. Being serious about coffee means being serious about the environment where coffee grows - which is why we’ve redesigned our packaging to be more environmentally friendly than the traditional coffee packaging of the past.

Why Change The Packaging?

The way that we do business means we don’t really need to use traditional packaging. Standard coffee bags were designed with a valve and foil lining to allow coffee to sit on a shelf at a grocery store for years in full sunlight without rupturing or damaging the coffee. But since we ship our coffee the day it's roasted and club members open our coffees 4 to 6 days later to brew, it doesn't make a lot of sense for us to use a bag designed for long-term shelf storage. We have the freedom to do things differently.

Reducing Waste & Fuel Consumption

Traditional mixed construction coffee bags - usually some combination of foil, paper, and plastic - are very difficult to recycle (#7 "other") because of their layered construction. We wanted to find a way to increase the recyclability of our packaging and cut down on material headed to landfills.

The other part of the puzzle is fuel consumption. Any business taking part in high-volume shipping is responsible for fuel used by delivery trucks and planes, and the resulting greenhouse gases. We are at a point where we are shipping a large number of packages with each roast, so the overall weight and volume of our packaging comes into play. We wanted to find a way to minimize the size and weight of our packages, so that delivery vehicles can transport them as efficiently as possible.

The Approach

Our new packaging utilizes a sealed pouch and a recyclable poly mailer to achieve these goals. It may look a little space-age compared to a traditional coffee bag - but this entire packaging combo uses about as much plastic as our previous bag alone - except this time it's #4 recyclable. We also cut down on non-essential printed materials, opting to share information about our coffees here online. The new packaging is also lighter weight and much more space efficient than the bulky cardboard boxes we were using previously - allowing our packages to take up less space and reduce weight on delivery vehicles.

We’re really excited about this change, and how it allows the club to further reflect the values of our members - who love great coffee and want to help keep it growing happily in regions all over the world.