The Best Valentines Gift: A Premium Coffee Subscription

If you love them as much as they love coffee, give them a valentine in every cup with a subscription to the Moustache Coffee Club!



We scour the globe for premium lots and unique varietals from the world's best coffee growing regions, and share our favorites with the club. Your valentine will receive a new and exciting premium coffee with every shipment - or they can choose their own!


In relationships and in coffee, keeping things fresh is key! Coffee tastes best from 3-20 days after roast, after which it can start to taste stale. All our coffee is roasted and shipped same-day, so that it arrives at peak freshness. In fact, we have to put a "drink after" date on our bags since they often arrive before the beans are done resting. Can't get any fresher than that!

How Gifting Works

Giving the gift of premium, fresh-roasted coffee couldn't be easier!

  1. Choose a plan
  2. Choose how long the gift will run
  3. Write your custom Valentines message
  4. Pick an e-delivery date and give us the recipient's email
On the day you choose, we'll email the recipient your message, along with a link where they can enter their shipping details and tell us their coffee preferences.

Then a few days later, their first shipment of freshly roasted coffee arrives - all thanks to you!

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Latest Member Feedback

Jeremy Weinstein

Los Angeles

Member Since
October '15


A favorite

Submitted about 8 hours ago.

Will Bklyn


Member Since
January '16

Good morning

This is a fragrant, easy to wake up with coffee, with just enough of the "lime" in the finish to give it some structure.

Submitted about 21 hours ago.

David R


Member Since
October '15

Interesting Lot and Roast!

The nose of this roast is fascinating; struggled to place it for a while until it came to me - black vinegar and sugar. Upon sipping, you feel that citric acidity hit your palate, but it's more muted than many Africans and balanced against a sweet, earthy backbone. Like a strong, quality black tea with a lemony burst.

Submitted 2 days ago.

Kevin Florida


Member Since
March '16

Well Balanced, Perfectly Roasted

This coffee is very well balanced and a great cup. This roasting reminds me of the Moustache Coffee from a few years ago.. Definitely the best I have had in a while.

Submitted 5 days ago.

Hunter Lacefield


Member Since
January '20


This roast is perfect for first thing in the morning. Brewed in a Chemex, full boiling water, 15:1 ratio. Plenty of body! Stands well on its own.

Submitted 6 days ago.

Jacob MacDonald


Member Since
April '18

Super tart.

And I dig the extreme tart/sour/acidic flavors. There's certainly some depth underneath, but I'm finding it hard to bring out the sweetness without brewing a watery cup. In any case, this is right up my alley and I'll happily tinker with the rest of the bag given the delicious base flavor of my first few attempts.

Submitted 11 days ago.

David R


Member Since
October '15

Lovely coffee!

With notes of sweet tropical fruit layered upon a robust backbone, Fazenda Juquinha is a well-balanced coffee, and absolutely delicious!

Submitted 12 days ago.

Kristin Shnowske


Member Since
March '19

So great

Really unique. I loved its brightness, but it wasnt overpowering. Will be keeping an eye out for this one again in the future

Submitted 13 days ago.

David R


Member Since
October '15

Superb Coffee

Really like this one. The MCC tasting notes of apricot and sugar seem spot on. However, Jaguara has a backbone too, and won't leave you floating off with high notes. Stonefruit, cane sugar, and underlying roastiness. I could drink this one every day.

Submitted 17 days ago.

Michael Abner


Member Since
January '20

Very nice!

I normally like darker roasts for espresso, but this made a nice pull for a morning latte or cappuccino.

Submitted 19 days ago.

David R


Member Since
October '15

Tasty and Interesting

Well-balanced Kenyan with interesting high-notes. Not as high in acid as some Africans can be, and certainly nothing pucker-inducing. This one is a pleaser.

Submitted 26 days ago.