The Best Valentines Gift: A Premium Coffee Subscription

If you love them as much as they love coffee, give them a valentine in every cup with a subscription to the Moustache Coffee Club!


We scour the globe for premium lots and unique varietals from the world's best coffee growing regions, and share our favorites with the club. Your valentine will receive a new and exciting premium coffee with every shipment - or they can choose their own!


In relationships and in coffee, keeping things fresh is key! Coffee tastes best from 3-20 days after roast, after which it can start to taste stale. All our coffee is roasted and shipped same-day, so that it arrives at peak freshness. In fact, we have to put a "drink after" date on our bags since they often arrive before the beans are done resting. Can't get any fresher than that!

How Gifting Works

Giving the gift of premium, fresh-roasted coffee couldn't be easier!

  1. Choose a plan
  2. Choose how long the gift will run
  3. Write your custom Valentines message
  4. Pick an e-delivery date and give us the recipient's email
On the day you choose, we'll email the recipient your message, along with a link where they can enter their shipping details and tell us their coffee preferences.

Then a few days later, their first shipment of freshly roasted coffee arrives - all thanks to you!

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Latest Member Feedback

Matthew Zinn


Member Since
June '19

Smooth Chocolate

Delicious. Could actually taste the blend of the flavor profile. What a great job they did

Submitted 14 minutes ago.

Fr. John Braun


Member Since
February '19

Chocolate lovers unite

A hint of chocolate 😋 and smooth sipping to the bottom of the cup. I thought it was Christmas.

Submitted 1 day ago.

Zoli Hajdu

Sherman Oaks

Member Since
July '19


Enjoyed the smooth-ness of this one.. light and a bit fruity but didn’t mind that!

Submitted 1 day ago.

Kevin Adams


Member Since
March '17


By increasing the grams from 68 to 74 for an 8 cup pot, this was an amazing cup of coffee.

Submitted 4 days ago.

Daniel S Bieler


Member Since
September '18


All around awesomeness, that's what this coffee is.

Submitted 6 days ago.

Ben Luhrman

San Antonio

Member Since
May '19


Loved the taste

Submitted 7 days ago.

David R


Member Since
October '15

Great coffee, with divergent tasting notes

No discernable lavender, nectarine, or green tea for me. So this isn't what I was expecting. However...what I did find, I liked - a rich undertone of chocolate with a subtle, low-acid, citrus high note. No bitterness. Lovely light caramelization. Not overly complex and does not demand your attention. An eminently drinkable coffee.

Submitted 9 days ago.

Fr. John Braun


Member Since
February '19

The best

These women grow and roast one fantastic cup of joe.

Submitted 10 days ago.

Austin Teague


Member Since
November '18

Very delicious!

I've had this coffee twice using a Moka pot and have really enjoyed it both times.

Submitted 12 days ago.

Cody Cook


Member Since
July '19

So fruity, so good

One of my favorites ever

Submitted 14 days ago.

Roberto Garza


Member Since
July '19

Great coffee: Santa Elena #3

I loved the Santa Elena #3 coffee, it was very delicate, a light-medium roast, with clear notes of raspberry and the chocolate taste (I would say that the chocolate could have some dulce de leche). Somehow I also noted very light citrus notes.

Submitted 15 days ago.