Tasting Notes: Mango, Lemon, Lavender

Tasting Notes: Mango, Lemon, Lavender

Item information

Adola Samii

Item information

Guji, Ethiopia


Variety: Ethiopian Heirloom

Processing: Washed

Origin: Guji, Ethiopia

Producers: Aferara Small-holders

Altitude: 2100m

The Adola wet mill is a large coffee processing station nestled among dramatic foothills and lush forests. "Adola" is an Oromifa word that means "place of gold mining," - alluding to the area's history. We'd like to think the name still fits, now referring to the incredible quality of coffees coming out of the mill. Local smallholders bring small amounts of heirloom coffee cherry to the mill where the cherries are graded, sorted, and processed according to their quality. Adola has over 300 drying beds, which they use to maintain lot separation and trial new processes. The majority of their output is washed coffee like this one, and you can tell it's their specialty from the first sip.

Adola Samii is a delightful and refreshing washed coffee, with impressive clarity of flavor in the cup. We love the tropical mango note that contributes a juicy sweetness - and a subtle lemon note that lends a bit of citrus taste without any tartness. The sweetness isn't overbearing thanks to a smooth lavender note helps round out the edges of the profile. This is the kind of coffee that's perfect for getting up early, brewing a cup, and savoring a slow start to the day. If there's such a thing a "coffee gold," we'd say this is a strong contender. Enjoy!

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5.0 out of 5


I'm still not great at tasting specific notes. I definitely get some sweetness, citrus, and floral elements though. But forget about all the fancy stuff for a second. This just tastes great.

Tristan Davolt


Member Since

October '18

5.0 out of 5

Accessible, Balanced and Flavorful

This Adola Samii is an easy coffee to like, and it has a deeper flavor than I expected from a lightly roasted washed coffee. Currently, my favorite coffee is a natural El Inierto, which has a very distinctive flavor that I always imagine would make most people think they had eaten a strawberry covered in Huehuetenango clay. The Adola Samii is wa-a-a-ay more accessible than that, and I suspect that even your average coffee drinker would call it a really tasty (albeit, strong) cup o' joe. Tasting notes are more or less lost on me, but I'll go along with the mango and lavender to describe the aroma coming off the cup.

Mark Zamierowski

West Lafayette

Member Since

December '18

4.5 out of 5

Bold and smooth

The Adola Samii has a very light, fresh citrus profile while still carrying a bold body. This coffee has a great, smooth finish to make for a great all-around cup of brew.

Michael Wallar

San Angelo

Member Since

February '19

5.0 out of 5

Very smooth coffee

This has the brightness without tasting acidic. Very smooth.

Douglas G Phillips


Member Since

April '18

5.0 out of 5


This coffee is fantastic! It's perfectly balanced, flavorful, and has a wonderful aroma. Even my non-coffee drinking wife was interested! 10/10 would drink again!

Jitters Mitchell


Member Since

December '18

Best Coffee I've Ever Had

Seems like every time I think I've received the best coffee, moustache exceeds my expectations. This is a magnificent cup and should be consumed slowly and with great respect.

On 02/19/19 BJ said

Hey Alex, Glad you liked this one! Sean was just at Adola and was really impressed by the care and intention the people there put into coffee - it's cool to see the same happening state-side while brewing. :)

Alex Groves

Steamboat Springs

Member Since

November '18

5.0 out of 5

Great Way To Start Your Day

Just tried my Adola Samii this morning and was pleasantly surprised by the citrus, smooth and fruity flavor. I thoroughly enjoyed several cups and look forward to having more tomorrow morning. I highly recommend this coffee. Thanks!

Paul Carll


Member Since

June '18

4.0 out of 5

Wonderful Ethiopian

This Adola Samii coffee is delicious, with a slight lemony taste, but very rounded. My wife raved about the taste. It's one of my favorites in all my years of membership.

On 02/19/19 BJ said

Hey Randall, love hearing feedback like this from a long-time member. We think it's a pretty special coffee and it's great to hear others do too!

Randall LaLonde


Member Since

July '15

5.0 out of 5

I love it!

Exceptionally smooth and sweet espressos from this roast. No bitterness or acidity at all. Love it!

On 02/19/19 BJ said

Hey Alan, Great to hear! We haven't run this one through an espresso machine yet - have any tips for dosing/extraction?

On 02/19/19 Alan Chen said

My boiler temp is set at 203F (quickmill vetrano 2B with PID) and the double-shot extraction was 25-30 seconds and it came out blond the entire pull. Tasty!

Alan Chen

Averill Park

Member Since

October '14

3.5 out of 5

Wonderful Coffee has a great floral note and smells amazing

I really liked this coffee, its one of the only coffees I would drink black. It's light, floral, and has a very nice aftertaste. One thing I really noticed was the lavender scent it put out when I brewed it. In all its a very nice coffee for first thing in the morning. I would recommend it and would like to drink it again!

On 03/01/19 BJ said

Hey Thomas - glad you liked this one! I'm a big fan of the lavender smell as well - just brewed some myself this morning.

Thomas Shepard


Member Since

February '19

3.5 out of 5

Really very good

One way to highlight excellent coffee is to mix in mediocre with the same brewing method. This coffee was up again "Four J's Single Estate" which we got at the grocery store which I point out to be fair to the J's since I"m sure it's a rougher experience for the coffee. I brewed the J's with the same pulsed pour-over method that I always do, and it was fine. The Adola Samii was amazing.

Erik Hons


Member Since

April '17

5.0 out of 5

My favorite so far

I was astounded with how sweet the coffee smelled when I first brewed it, and with the first sip I was hooked. I could taste the fruity notes, and it makes for such a pleasant cup of coffee! It's very smooth and simply YUMMY. I'm going to be sad when I finish up these beans.

Karen Cheng


Member Since

January '19

5.0 out of 5

Love this

Really well balanced, smooth. Love the bright notes.

Benjamin Schilling


Member Since

March '17

5.0 out of 5

One of my all-time Faves

Superb in every way - complex, robust, intriguing, textural, and sublime. A coffee to drink when you can properly pay attention to the subtleties inherent in its character.

Ethan R


Member Since

October '15