Banko Gotiti

Strawberry, Honey, Floral

Variety: Ethiopian Heirloom

Processing: Natural

Origin: Gedeb, Ethiopia

Producers: SNAP Coffee

Mill Manager: Eyasu Worasa

Altitude: 2000-2300m

Banko Gotiti is the name of a coffee washing station in Gedeb that works to support local small-holders and provide high-quality processing for local coffees. Most of the cherry that arrives at this station is forest tended, meaning producers prune and harvest coffee plants that are growing wild in forested areas nearby. Other small-holders tend coffee plants in the gardens near their homes, yielding small amounts of cherry to contribute. Without communal washing stations to aggregate the cherry - many of these small holders wouldn't be able to connect with the specialty market, but companies like SNAP Coffee have adapted their expertise the former Ethiopian Coffee Exchange to create opportunities for these coffees to be processed to a high standard locally and sold as a traceable lot representative of the local area.

This natural coffee is giving us plenty of sweetness - both from a juicy strawberry note and a more mellow honey-like note. Natural coffees are usually pretty sweet, but we haven't come across that many that exhibit that sweetness is a smoother profile like this cup. There's a lovely floral quality as well in this cup that makes brewing a joy - we'd really recommend giving the grounds a sniff before you pour to get the whole experience. Overall we think this coffee is a great option for those that want the sweetness of a natural without some of the brighter acidity that usually accompanies - it's a really unique cup and one we hope you love!

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