Apple, Bergamot, Floral

Apple, Bergamot, Floral

Item information

Bedessa # 1

Item information

Guji, Ethiopia


Variety: Wolisho, Dega

Processing: Washed

Origin: Guji, Ethiopia

Producers: Keta Maduga Cooperative Union

Altitude: 2100-2200M

Bedessa #1 is a lot of coffee from the Bedessa Washing Station - operated by the Keta Maduga Cooperative Union. The coffee cherry is sorted, pulped, washed, and then dried - resulting in separated lots of parchment that are warehoused locally until there's enough volume to fill a truck headed to the dry mill in Addis Ababa. Trucking in the area is very expensive so it makes sense to wait for a full truck, but letting the parchment rest also helps condition the green coffee and ensure a more even moisture content for each lot.

Bedessa #1 is a great washed coffee - very clean with well-defined flavors. We're tasting a crisp red apple sweetness, some bergamot acidity, and light elderflower florals on the back end of the palate rounding out the cup. There isn't really a bad time to brew this one - it will perform admirably as a morning coffee or an after-dinner treat. Cheers!

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