Cranberry, Lime, Caramel

Cranberry, Lime, Caramel

Item information

Los Andes Java

Item information

Atitlan, Guatemala


Variety: Java

Processing: Washed

Origin: Atitlan, Guatemala

Producers: The Hazard Family

Altitude: 1675M

Score: 87.5

We're happy to have the opportunity to bring another coffee from Los Andes to the club this year - say hello to Los Andes Java! They're always experimenting with different varieties and processes at Los Andes. This year they produced 2 bags of Java, and we were lucky to snag one for the club! The Dutch brought coffee to Indonesia in the 1800s, and this particular variety from Ethiopia became somewhat synonymous with coffee on the island. In recent years, Java has sometimes been compared to Gesha in its capacity for high cup quality, while the plant itself is a bit tougher and less susceptible to things like leaf rust. For this reason, we're starting to see more Java being planted and entering the specialty coffee marketplace.

We're glad it's on the rise, because this lot of Java is scrumptious! It's got a lovely cranberry note that perfectly blends sweet and tart flavors, plus a hint of lime acidity and a round caramel-like sweetness that grounds the whole cup. Los Andes Java is a well-rounded coffee with a little something for everyone, and we're glad we could snag some, if only a single bag, to share with the club. Enjoy!

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2.5 out of 5

Los Andes Java

Another nicely balanced coffee from Moustache with some notable acidity, but a sweet finish.

Randall LaLonde


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July '15