Tasting Notes: Berry, Floral, Melon

Tasting Notes: Berry, Floral, Melon

Item information


Item information

Sidama, Ethiopia


Variety: Ethiopian Heirloom

Processing: Washed

Origin: Sidama, Ethiopia

Producers: Wonsho Small-holders

Altitude: 2000m

Bokasso is the name of a washing station near Yirgalem in Sidama, Ethiopia - where these delicious beans were processed. Many local small-holders in the Wonsho area contribute beans to be washed at Bokasso - all of whom are members of the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union. Being a part of a union provides technical support, financing, and lot traceability to thousands of small-holder farmers, most of whom farm less than one hectare each. Before recent changes to the Ethiopian Coffee Exchange, unions were one of the few organizations allowed to contract directly with buyers to maintain lot traceability, so our importing friends at Nordic Approach have been working directly with the producers at Bokasso since 2011. The result is a strong relationship and stellar coffee year-over-year, which we're very excited to be roasting for you!

Bokasso is one of the highest-elevation washing stations in Sidama, and their main focus is producing washed coffees. Cherry is delivered from local small-holders and then pulped mechanically to remove the skin and mucilage. The coffee is graded by density and then fermented for 36-72 hours before being separated for washing and soaking. The final parchment is spread out on raised beds to dry for up to 15 days - and is hand-sorted during this time to remove any defects. After all that work - the end result is a coffee that's fantastic. We love the tart berry notes that open up this profile - along with the strong floral aroma you can expect from high-altitude Ethiopians. There's also a juicy, melon-like sweetness that smooths out the berry tartness and makes a brew that's incredibly drinkable. There's a soft spot in our hearts for a great washed Ethiopian coffee - and this lot justifies that feeling and more. Enjoy - and don't forget to rate your brew here on the site!

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