Buena Esperanza

Caramel, Lime, Floral

Variety: Caturra, Bourbon

Processing: Washed

Origin: Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Producers: Noe Castillo

Altitude: 1900m

Noe Castillo is a second generation coffee farmer, taking over Finca Buena Esperanza after her mother managed the land for 40 years. Noe and her brothers now continue the family tradition, growing bourbon and caturra beans on their farm with organic methods. Recently, they've been focusing on planting and maintaining more shade trees to cool down their coffee plants and slow the growth of their cherries. Growing coffee in cooler temperatures allows the cherries more time to mature and and develop flavors, which is where the coffee from Buena Esperanza really shines.

This lot of patio-dried Guatemalan coffee has a playful medley of flavors, lead by a pronounced caramel note. It's a smooth, warm flavor that fills the cup with sweetness overall. A note of lime lends the cup some acidity and brightness, perfectly counter-balancing the caramel sweetness and giving this cup some real depth of flavor. Outside the strong caramel and lime notes, a nice aromatic floral flavor rounds things out, giving this cup just a hint of nuance without complicating the flavor profile unnecessarily. It's a solid cup of quality coffee, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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Sunha P


Member Since
June '18
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I tend to like light body floral coffee but this is first coffee that I actually enjoyed which has strong caramel note. Now I see why people enjoy sweet coffee. I can drink this all day long. The balance between sweet and bright from lime is perfect. Buena Esperanza would be perfect for sipping at home for rainy days. Roast date 7/3/18 Coffee tried on 7/8/18


Chris Redden


Member Since
July '18
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Nice taste

Tastes good


Jasmine Calder-Lowndes (PAK SRNTXTJ)


Member Since
June '18
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This is the firstt coffee I've tried so far, so I can't compare to others, but this one is great. It was sweet, but not overbearing.


mary loftin


Member Since
February '18
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Good to wake up to!

Tried to save this coffee for mornings where I could sit and appreciate how good this is. As life usually goes, that won't happen, instead I'll savor the balance of earth and sweet smoothness behind the wheel. A great way to prep focus as you walk into work and face Monday.


David J Gabor


Member Since
June '18
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Not a Coffee Expert but ...

I am not an expert on coffee but I know what I like. Most of the coffees I have had up until now have usually had a bitter taste. Therefore, I have had to use sugar in varying amounts. This was the first coffee that does NOT require it. I tried my first cup without any sugar and was very surprised with the taste. It was sweet enough without sugar and actually doesn't need a creamer either. I have experimented with different mixtures, i.e. a small amount of sugar and creamer or just creamer, as I do like variety, and it was great no matter how I tried it. I am very satisfied with this choice.


Melanie Claire Wiggins McMillan


Member Since
April '18
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NICE Morning Wake Up

The caramel is smoothe, yet the lime gives it a boost. Really not a floral fan, but this coffee is simply awesome. Enjoy!!