Graham Cracker, Apple, Chocolate

Graham Cracker, Apple, Chocolate

Item information

CAFESCOR Select Decaf

Item information

Copan, Honduras


Variety: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra

Processing: Water-processed Decaf

Origin: Copan, Honduras

Producers: CAFESCOR

Altitude: 1200-1700M

This delicious decaffeinated coffee was grown by CAFESCOR, a collective initiative founded by small, organic coffee producers in the Cobán area of Honduras in 2014. They focus on quality specialty coffee production and expanding the utilization of organic farming practices in Honduras. As their membership has grown, they expanded their footprint to include a well-equipped mill processing both natural and washed coffees for member farmers. This particular lot is an aggregation of several farmers' coffees, specially selected to preserve flavor during the decaffeination process. The green beans are hydrated and introduced to a concentrate of coffee solubles that draws out the caffeine, then the beans are fully dried and prepped for export.

Decaf coffee has always gotten a bad rap for tasting muted, but decafs like this are starting to flip the script! We're getting some bright apple notes alongside a warm graham cracker sweetness and a rich chocolate flavor to boot. It's rare to find an inviting and upbeat-tasting cup of coffee that won't necessarily make you more upbeat with caffeine - we're happy to have this one for the club!

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3.5 out of 5

They're not kidding about the graham cracker flavor

(Dear Mustache Coffee Club, please make a profile selection so we can't order decaf by mistake.) This coffee is inoffensive in every way. It has a pleasant, but distinct graham cracker flavor, but (and here I am showing my prejudice regarding caffeine) lacks "bite" or body. It's a fine after-dinner coffee. And actually a pleasant surprise, once you get past the horror of having ordered decaf by mistake.

On 02/24/22 David Mankins said

Thanks! And yes, it is very good decaf.

On 02/24/22 Kyle said

Hey David, I hear you and have adjusted your account to never receive decaf. Dang good decaf though, right;)

David Mankins


Member Since

January '22

4.0 out of 5

Delish decaf

Definitely a graham cracker level of toastiness. I am a member of Moustache solely because I cannot get decaf this good locally, even though I can find lots of good caf beans close to home. Even the best local roasters just don't seem to bother with lighter more subtle flavors in decaf. It's always that straightforward dark, overly bitter mainstream roast. Now that I've experienced Moustache's decaf, I can't go back. Thank you and keep these yummy decafs coming. Haven't missed yet.

On 04/20/22 Kyle said

Glad you enjoy the decaf! Sean works heard to source delicious coffee caffeine or not!



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January '21