Guatemala Ciudad Vieja

Berry, Apple, Refined Sugar

Processing: Washed

Crop Year: 2016

Origin: Antigua, Guatemala

Altitude: 1700-1900m

You're in for a treat with this week's coffee, which comes to you from the lush valleys and volcanic hillsides of Guatemala's Antigua region. This coffee is designated "SHB", which stands for 'strictly hard bean.' Besides sounding really hard-core, this acronym lets you know that you're in for an exceptional cup bursting with flavor. 'Hard bean' coffee means that the plants are grown at altitude in cooler temperatures, which results in tougher beans. Under these growing conditions, the plants develop more slowly, which gives the cherries more time to impart thier unique flavors. For this coffee, that means an intense berry-sweet flavor with a touch of apple crispness. Trust us, you don't want to miss this one!

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