Tasting Notes: Apple, Cane Sugar, Smooth

Tasting Notes: Apple, Cane Sugar, Smooth

Item information

Classic: Aprocassi

Item information

Cajamarca, Peru


Variety: Catimor, Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, Pache

Processing: Washed

Origin: Cajamarca, Peru

Producers: Aprocassi Cooperative

Altitude: 1200-19000m

Aprocassi is a grower’s cooperative based in the La Coipa area of Cajamarca, Peru that was initially founded in 2000. At the time, mining interests were rapidly moving into the area to take advantage of the region’s gold and silver deposits - so the local farmers decided to band together to better protect their interests and advocate for responsible environmental stewardship. The coop is now one of the most established and respected coops in the region with over 490 active members and receiving stations in both Jaen and San Ignacio where members deliver their coffees and receive agricultural support and member resources.

We’re loving this lot from Aprocassi - it’s bright and zippy, with great structure and sweetness. The main flavor notes we’re tasting are crisp red apple and some of that cane-sugar sweetness that the best South American coffees can produce. It’s a coffee that’s lively and fun, which should be a blast to brew on a few different devices to really tease out the different notes. Enjoy!

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