Stonefruit, Currant, Floral

Stonefruit, Currant, Floral

Item information

Classic: El Balsamo

Item information

Cajamarca, Peru


Variety: Caturra

Processing: Washed

Origin: Amazona, Peru

Producer: Ciro Castro Ramirez

Altitude: 1900m

El Balsamo is a farm owned by Ciro Castro Ramirez in Cajamarca. Ciros farm sits above 1800M in San Jose, Lourdes, near the borders of Ecuador; mainly growing Caturra and Bourbon. The processing protocol consists of selective harvest, pulping the same day of harvest, an average fermentation of 24-36 hours, washed with clean water, then dried on palets or solar tents. The Ramirez family farm is surrounded by natural forests with plenty of spring water, dedicated to the cultivation of coffee, livestock, and fish. Ciro is a member of the Norcafe Cooperative, that focuses on the support of young farmers, and the social-economic-enviromental development of the communities.

This coffee has great depth of flavor and balance. A sweet and smooth mouthfeel with notes of stonefruit and berries. We're picking up on some richer, smooth plum and black current tones. Overall, a unique coffee with traits for everyone to love. We were excited to try this coffee, and hope you are too!

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4.0 out of 5

Great Overall!

I did a pour over brew. High acidity, very bright, yet balanced. Notes of peach, floral, and raw peanut. I would get this again!

Mitchell Krieger


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June '17