Lemon, Bergamot, Floral

Lemon, Bergamot, Floral

Item information

Classic: El Paraiso

Item information

Narino, Colombia


Variety: Gesha

Processing: Washed

Origin: Narino, Colombia

Producer: John Gomez

Altitude: 1760m

Colombia Cup of Excellence 2020: 3rd

Say hello to El Paraiso, the Third Place finisher at the 2020 Colombia Cup of Excellence auction! We're over the moon to be bringing such an incredible Gesha coffee to the club - knowing coffees like this are out there was a big part of why we decided to set up the Tasting Series in the first place! John Gomez is a third-generation coffee producer who took over managing his family's farm El Paraiso ten years ago. He has focused on improving the quality of processing facilities on the property and is very happy with the results of this year's competition. He hopes that success at the auction will help position El Pariso's coffees for worldwide distribution in future harvests. If the beans keep coming out as incredible as this lot is - we're sure he'll reach that goal!

El Paraiso is a wonderful Gesha with all the right traits. Floral aromatics throughout make the brewing process as enjoyable as the drinking process - while delicate notes of bergamot and lemon create a striking mix of acidity and sweetness in the cup. After a few sips, we're confident that you'll understand why the farm is named after paradise: it simply doesn't get any better than this! We're so happy to join with a few other excellent roasters in the US to win this coffee at auction and even happier to be roasting and sharing it with the club.

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