Classic: La Angostura Honey

Apple, Cream, Heavy

Variety: Catuai

Processing: Honey

Origin: Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Producers: The Jimenez Family

Altitude: 1600m

One of the things we love about Costa Rican coffees is how serious the producers are about lot separation and processing. The same farm can produce vastly different flavors of coffee due to the meticulous care farmers take in properly harvesting, milling, and drying their crops. The Jimenez family is a perfect example of this work ethic: Mario and his daughters Arleen and Maria grow mostly Catuai and Caturra beans on their family farm, but love to experiment with different farming practices and processing methods to create a bunch of unique flavors. This honey lot from their Angostura farm was hand-picked and diligently tended over 15 days of drying on African beds to ensure supreme quality and clarity of taste.

Angostura Honey has a real presence thanks to its strong flavor notes and heavy body. A crisp, refreshing apple note rings throughout the entire cup, metered by a smooth, cream-like consistency. While many honey coffees tend towards the bright and acidic end of the flavor spectrum, Angostura Honey is a bold, weighty brew perfect for an early morning pick-me-up. We'd love to hear how you like it, drop us a comment and rate your coffees on the website!

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Emery Cowan


Member Since
April '18
10stars b7d0bda0310969033433830e28a863844525eed66031a28909e01440c470fc80

One of my favs

Really loved the smell when first got it. As a brew it’s very flavorful- rich and bold with cocoa tones


Vicki L Rach


Member Since
June '18
7stars 47a7352655fa3ded048196554760f61df8d9125f29993e54d673bd8cd254c1f2

Very Smooth

After getting my first delivery of coffee from the moustache club, I was looking forward in tasting this next selection. The scent of the beans were wonderful. When I took my first taste, the smoothness stood out prominently. It continues until the last drop in my cup. What a wonderfully, soothing cup of coffee. I appreciate all the work it takes to make this wonderful coffee. I look forward to more of this tomorrow and beyond.


Jeff Walter


Member Since
February '17

First cup very enjoyable

Scent of the beans coming out of the grinder is wonderful. Smooth on the palate as noted. Easy drinking cup. Bit of the fruit finish but no acid to worry about. Morning or afternoon delight. Brewed in a Hario pour-over. Consumed black.


Vicki L Rach


Member Since
June '18
7stars 47a7352655fa3ded048196554760f61df8d9125f29993e54d673bd8cd254c1f2

Very well blended coffee

Perfect for the first cup in the morning and the last cup at night. Very Smooth!!


Kelly DeCorso

Salt Lake City

Member Since
July '18
9stars c58729f5103ff4590617db3549eb955fdf8c2b8a5189f5adb5f5c5b2399e076c

Very good coffee

From the aroma of the whole beans to the taste of fresh brewed, very good coffee


Jacob MacDonald


Member Since
April '18
8stars 30f964d825671e936496b1e9b91652b236d1338f7f157d183e3d5d7bf6dc5a84

Great cup.

Hard for me to pick out individual flavor notes, but every brew method results in a very unique but good cup. The common thread seems to be a great smoothness, and the underlying coffee flavor is present without being harsh. Very solid bean.