Brown Sugar, Apple, Berry

Brown Sugar, Apple, Berry

Item information

Classic: Rayos Del Sol

Item information

Ihumaca, Peru


Variety: Bourbon

Producer: Percy Pintado

Processing: Washed

Origin: Ihumaca, Peru

Altitude: 1800M

Score: 86.75

Percy Pintado is a third-generation coffee grower in the San Ignacio district in Northern Peru. Rayos del Sol is a farm that has been in the family since 1996, and is currently operated by Percy and his three children, who are all in their twenties. Percy has been growing coffee for seven years on the farm, which has around 1500 coffee trees in addition to plantain, cassava and corn crops. Harvest runs between July and September during which time Percy hires 5 pickers, and the farm has a small beneficio where the family processes the coffee. The coffee cherry is dry fermented for 20- 24 hours before being washed and rinsed, and then sun-dried on tarps. Drying takes about 10-30 days on average. Percy is proud of the high-quality coffee his family produces and plans on expanding by planting different varieties and upgrading his fermentation tanks.

We love how the coffee in this area is so personal to the growers, being dried right outside their front door. Generations of passionate farmers at Rayos del Sol have produced a coffee that speaks volumes. We pick up on something new every time we brew this coffee. It’s well structured with berry acidity and brown sugars underneath. If there’s a perfect cup of Peruvian coffee to appeal to all sorts of drinkers, Rayos del Sol might be it.

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