Citrus, Floral, Black Tea

Citrus, Floral, Black Tea

Item information

Classic: Riripa #2

Item information

Bale Mountain, Ethiopia


Variety: Kurume, Wolisho

Processing: Washed

Origin: Bale Mountain, Ethiopia

Producers: Bale Mountain Smallholders

Altitude: 1900-2100M

Score: 87.25

This coffee was processed at the Riripa washing station, located near the edge of the Bale Mountain Forest in the Ethiopian highlands. High altitudes, early season rain, and abundant shade from the forest makes this region an ideal place for high-quality coffee to grow. Many of the smallholders bringing cherry to the washing station are dedicated farmers, but some simply harvest the coffee plants that grow relatively untended on their land. The washing station sorts cherry by hand and density before the traditional pulping, washing, and drying process.

This coffee leans heavily towards the citrus and floral tones that Ethiopian coffees are known for. On the citrus front, we're tasting more oranges than lemons (which is to say there's more sweetness involved than just straight acidity). We're also getting some floral notes and an underlying tea-like taste that provides some backing for the more delicate flavors. All in all, Riripa is a bright Ethiopian brew to bring some zest to your daily routine.

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