Black Tea, Caramel, Orange

Black Tea, Caramel, Orange

Item information

Dhilgee Nensebo Refisa #1

Item information

West Arsi, Ethiopia


Variety: Wolisho, Kurume

Processing: Washed

Origin: West Arsi, Ethiopia

Producers: Refisa Washing Station

Altitude: 1950M


Refisa is a washing station located in West Arsi, Ethiopia, and has close to 400 farmer members that deliver cherries each season. This washing station is partnered with SNAP Coffee, whose coffee we have offered many times over the years. SNAP’s ability to consistently sort and process coffee to a high standard is nothing short of extraordinary. Even more extraordinary is how the company supports the community of farmers living near the station through providing computers to schools, building infrastructure, and improving access to health care.

Dhilgee means "bloody red" in Oromiffa, the language native to Ethiopia and Kenya. This concept represents coffees that tend to be round and sweet, with light florals. We are noticing a classic black tea-like profile, but with added complexity from tropical fruit acidity. Look for notes of black tea with milk, caramel, and sprinkles of stone fruit and papaya. True to name, this one is round and sweet.

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5.0 out of 5

Rich flavor

A little sweet, no bitterness.

On 03/25/23 Sean Reilly said

Glad you enjoyed it Anne.

Anne Taylor


Member Since

December '22

5.0 out of 5

Easy Drink

Sweet aftertaste. Can't pinpoint any flavors I tasted since I drank it so fast but VERY enjoyable.

On 03/25/23 Sean Reilly said

:), glad you liked it.

Julio Zepeda

North Hollywood

Member Since

November '18