El Balar

Red Apple, Citrus, Sweet

Variety: Caturra

Processing: Double Washed

Crop Year: 2017

Origin: Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Producers: The Robles Brothers

Altitude: 1500m

The Robles brothers were taught to grow coffee by their father, the owner of Finca el Balar. They have carried on the family business by opening their own coffee farms in the region, but they work together to manage their father's original farm in his old age. They were some of the first farmers in Tarrazu to open a micro-mill for their coffee, and have been producing excellent specialty-grade coffee ever since.

These Caturra beans are double washed for an amazing sweetness and clarity of flavor that we've come to love from Costa Rican coffees. A red apple note provides some texture and a crisp finish that pairs well with this coffee's bright citrus note. Don't worry about things getting too tart, however, because there's plenty of sweetness filling out this cup. It's an all-around great coffee, and we're happy to share it with you!