Tasting Notes: Raisin, Prune, Funky

Tasting Notes: Raisin, Prune, Funky

Item information

El Bosque

Item information

La Paz, Honduras


Variety: Catuai

Processing: Washed

Origin: La Paz, Honduras

Producers: Raul Manueles

Altitude: 1550m

One of the things we love about coffee is how it brings people together, and that's certainly the story behind El Bosque. Raul Manueles is primarily a mill manager, overseeing the processing of coffees at the Xinacla mill in Honduras. Xinacla's owner Moises is a coffee farmer and has worked with Raul for over 30 years to produce excellent specialty coffees in Honduras. Raul started his own small coffee farm, El Bosque, in 1995 and now processes his beans at Xinacla as well, where he and Moises trade farming tips. The two consider themselves brothers, and their combined years of coffee production experience result in some truly dazzling coffees.

El Bosque is a washed catuai that brews a wonderful cup overflowing with dried fruit notes - tastes of raisin and prune provide a great mix of sweetness and tartness with just the right touch of acidity. This coffee has a flavor profile that reminds us of a natural coffee, but with a less intense presence of that 'funk' that naturals are known for. The cup is still clearly washed with a light body and aroma, which makes for a really memorable coffee-drinking experience. We'd love to hear what you think!

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5.0 out of 5


I don’t know what “natural” coffee means but if it tastes like this I’m in. Tasting notes, which I’m usually just imagining I’m pretty sure, are spot on in this case. Funky raisins, man!

Benjamin Newland


Member Since

January '18

4.0 out of 5

Spot on!

The tasting notes of this coffee are really spot on. Raisins and funk is just perfect. I like the really nice balance of sweetness/tartness, but I think I tend to prefer cups with a bit more acidity.

Aaron Grant

Saint Joseph

Member Since

November '18

3.0 out of 5

El Bosque

A nicely rounded, tasty cup of coffee, very balanced between sweet and tart.

Randall LaLonde


Member Since

July '15

El Bosque

Another great coffee picked for me from Mustache. It does have a light body, not picking up the prune reference but, a satisfying cup of coffee that I'd drink again.

mary loftin


Member Since

February '18

4.5 out of 5

Great depth for a lighter coffee

Don Romesburg

San Francisco

Member Since

December '18