Mango, Jasmine, Floral

Mango, Jasmine, Floral

Item information

El Cedro 2022

Item information

Intibuca, Honduras


Variety: Catuai, Red Bourbon

Processing: Washed

Origin: Intibuca, Honduras

Producers: Cervando Ramirez

Altitude: 1750M


Cervando Ramires is a second generation coffee producer, who learned the trade under his father and uses a small parcel of land he inherited to grow some truly amazing coffee. Cervando practices environmentally friendly techniques that minimize the use of chemicals. By carefully removing any plants affected by pests or disease, Cervando has been able to avoid coffee rust disease that has been affecting Honduras for several growing seasons. His processing uses a small milling machine to depulp the coffee, then he ferments the beans for 30 hours and washes them with mountain water. He recently upgraded to a solar dryer to make the process slower and more consistent.

This coffee has quite a bit going on–with sweet fruits layered with light floral notes. Clean, bright and distinct. Looking forward to sharing this lovely coffee with the club. Cheers!

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4.0 out of 5


I’m typically a dark roast kind of guy. But these were exceptionally fresh and oil free.

Doug Beard


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July '22