Stone Fruit, Apple, Floral

Stone Fruit, Apple, Floral

Item information

El Duranzno #2

Item information

Intibuca, Honduras


Variety: IH90

Processing: Washed

Origin: Intibuca, Honduras

Producers: Francisco Alvarado

Altitude: 1600-2000M


Francisco Alvarado is yet another amazing coffee producer from a cooperative located in the municipality of Masaguara in Intibuca. The cooperative is a place where coffee producers can share ideas, best practices, and provide support to each other in pursuit of improving the quality of their coffee. Francisco has owned his farm for 13 years and is constantly making improvements when planting, processing and drying his coffee. He even enlists the help of his wife and two children to help with producing the farm’s amazing coffee.

We are tasting a coffee loaded with ripe and juicy stone fruit, light floral notes, and a touch of apple-like acidity. This cup is smooth, sweet, juicy with a distinctive syrupy finish. We can’t wait to share this one with the club–yum!

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4.0 out of 5

Tasty, floral, full

On the nose I get floral notes, some ripe apple, and stonefruit, though I tend to notice the stonefruit more when I sip, for whatever reason. It's a juicy, full cup - smooth and, as the notes indicate, with a syrupy finish. I was concerned about the finish when I read the notes as I don't love syrupy textures, but it's definitely by analogy. For me, its a nice back end, full flavor, and with only mild acidity, it sits on your tongue for a bit, but since the flavor is so nice, I don't mind. Really good cup.

Rob Brayer


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September '20