Chocolate, Cranberry, Pear

Chocolate, Cranberry, Pear

Item information

El Picacho #1

Item information

Intibuca, Honduras


Variety: Bourbon

Processing: Natural

Origin: Intibuca, Honduras

Producers: Apolonio Canales Portillo

Altitude: 1600-2000M


Apolonio Canales grows excellent quality coffee on his 8 hectares farm, El Picacho, which is located across the Intibuca and Montecillos regions. Apolonio is focused on improving the quality of his coffee by means of investing in infrastructure of his farm, training workers, and only picking the ripe cherry. Words from Apolonio himself sum it up,”My goal is to continue selling my ‘cafecito’ every year and maintain an excellent quality of my coffee for those who enjoy it.”

This is a fruity, complex, yet balanced coffee that we look forward to brewing. We have been tasting ripe fruit, tart caranberry and a touch of chocolate. The mouthfeel has a cola-like quality and is delicious through various brewing methods. Happy brewing!

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5.0 out of 5

Best Mustache Coffee Yet

Coffee from Mustache is consistently good and I don't always take the time to write reviews, but this coffee is AMAZING! I think this might be my favorite coffee yet.

Daniel Orth

National City

Member Since

December '20

5.0 out of 5


It really did taste of cola. It has a natural processing flavor. Yum.

Chris Ferguson


Member Since

April '16