Strawberry, Spice, Cola

Strawberry, Spice, Cola

Item information

Frinsa Anaerobic

Item information

West Java, Indonesia


Variety: Ateng Catimor

Processing: Natural

Origin: West Java, Indonesia

Producers: Frinsa Estate

Altitude: 1400m

We're very happy to have another special lot from the Frinsa Coffee Estate in West Java - this time a lot that's been fermented anaerobically! Anaerobic fermentations have become more popular lately with specialty producers - though there are so many different variations on the process that there isn't a specific "anaerobic" taste that you can zero-in on. At Frinsa Estate - their process entails rinsing the coffee cherries clean before culturing them with lactic acid and sealing them in barrels to ferment. Once the cherries have fermented for the appropriate time, they're spread out to dry on raised beds and dried just like a natural coffee. It's several added steps, but we think it's certainly worth it for coffees that taste this unique!

What we love about this particular lot is the great mix of bold flavors with a smoothness you don't often see in naturals. We're getting a bright, sweet strawberry note with some unique spicy qualities that you'd normally expect, but we're also tasting some deeper, more mellow cola tones. It's always great to see the extra effort of specialized processing result in extra-delicious flavors, and we love the occasional change of pace from the standard washed and natural coffees. Enjoy!

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5.0 out of 5

Particularly smooth and flavorful

Fantastically smooth and flavorful, brewed espresso shots, latte, or americano this one hit it out of the park!

On 04/14/21 BJ said

I had a hunch this one would do well on espresso but I've yet to try it - glad to hear it's brewing well.

Alan Chen

Averill Park

Member Since

October '14

5.0 out of 5

First anaerobically fermented coffee

Loved this one, complex flavors with a unique profile. Will definitely be looking into more anaerobically fermented beans.

On 04/26/21 BJ said

Glad to hear it! They're definitely popular at the moment with specialty producers - we've noticed more of them around. They can be tricky to get right, but very fun when they're done well.

David Wyles


Member Since

June '17

5.0 out of 5

Both bright and rich!

Got behind on my subscriptions, finally got to this...made the first cup with an aeropress. So unique, the combination of the deeply rich almost fudgieness and the bright tart strawberry makes for a cup like no other. Looking forward to try as espresso. After a handful of shipments, it's interesting for me to realize that every coffee has hit my pallette in a way that shifts what I thought coffee could taste like. Before I would've said I want my coffees to be mainly deep and chocolately, and although I still like those notes, there's a whole spectrum of flavors and textures that I had been missing. It's also shifted my morning experience from guzzling a mug down so I can cope with the morning to, when time permits, settling in to really experience the flavors and savoring each sip.

On 05/27/21 BJ said

Love to hear this - that's what it's all about. I've been in coffee for years, and I'm still constantly finding new flavors and nuances, that's what keeps it fun and fresh. (Pun intended).



Member Since

January '21

4.0 out of 5

Possibly the most unique coffee I've ever tasted

Seeing tasting notes list "strawberry, spice, and cola" had me both curious and skeptical, but this coffee absolutely delivers as advertised. I rarely experience the full range of tasting notes on my palate, it's typically just a hint to me, but the strawberry here is undeniable and bold, as well as a secondary unnamed-spice taste that's harder for me to quantify. I've never had a coffee like this, I'm sure it owes to the processing, but single-handedly this coffee has inspired me to seek our more anaerobic process coffees. Chiefly brewed in a V60, grind setting 13-15 on Encore depending on dose. Also did well in Aeropress.

On 06/16/21 BJ said

Glad you liked it - they're always super different so it's fun to try a few. We've got another one coming up in a few weeks - keep your eyes peeled!



Member Since

January '21