Papaya, Chocolate, Sugar

Papaya, Chocolate, Sugar

Item information

Gitesi Peaberry

Item information

Karongi, Rwanda


Variety: Red Bourbon

Producer: Alexis & Aime Gahizi

Processing: Natural

Origin: Karongi, Rwanda

Gitesi is a washing station in Rwanda owned and operated by Alexis & Aime Gahizi, a father-and-son team of coffee professionals. They first began processing coffee at the station in 2005, and have steadily increased the volume and quality of their lots as their business has grown. Gitesi station receives coffee from ~1800 small-holder farmers in the area. Competition for cherry in the region is high - so Gitesi has implemented many programs to secure a consistent supply of the highest quality cherry available, including a free coffee plant nursery, available health insurance & organic fertilizer for farmers, and a bonus payment structure based on quality and yield at the end of each season.

This particular lot from Gitesi is a peaberry, which means it's comprised exclusively of coffee cherries that only included one bean instead of two. Conventional wisdom suggests peaberries are sweeter and denser, and the flavors here definitely corroborate that position! We're getting a juicy, tropical papaya note, followed up with a dark chocolate backbone and some great sugary sweetness. It's a dynamic coffee with plenty of flavor and depth, a real treat for coffee lovers of all stripes. Bottoms up!

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5.0 out of 5

She loves it!

Personally, I prefer dark roast and chicory blend coffee, but my wife likes a lighter roast, she absolutely loves this! I will have to say, it is quite flavorful, but honestly, the reason I get Moustachcoffeeclub offerings is just for my wife. She is an RN in our local ICU, and the coffees you present are a true bright spot in her life, thank you for helping me to help her have more pleasure in life (-;

jim ellsmore


Member Since

August '13

5.0 out of 5

Perfect iced!

Loving this pea berry over ice!

Araminta Midkiff


Member Since

February '20

4.5 out of 5

Very good

Eminently drinkable

Nathaniel Hourt


Member Since

April '21

3.0 out of 5

Not my favorite flavor profile

As always, Moustache coffees are still the best I've ever tried. So when I rate them, it's among peers. This one had a strong papaya-like taste as noted. While many people might like this, it was a bit overwhelming. I'd give it a middle of the road flavor profile.

Allison Priore

Jim Thorpe

Member Since

December '18

3.5 out of 5

Gitesi Peaberry

A very nice cup of coffee, rounded and flavorful, although a bit on the perfumed-side right off the top with me (maybe its the papaya). Even the more middle-of-the-road coffees coming from Moustache are excellent, though.

Randall LaLonde


Member Since

July '15

2.5 out of 5

Tasted good but very hard on the grinder!

This was my first time grinding a peaberry and it jammed my burr grinder twice! This has never happened with other beans... Once it was in the cup it was very nice but it created some technical challenges for sure!

On 07/12/21 BJ said

Hey Patrick - sometimes peaberries can be a bit tougher to grind, but it really just comes down to the grinder/bean. Are you by chance using a Breville?

On 07/22/21 Patrick Mitchell said

Thanks for replying! Yes it is a Breville Burr grinder attached to an espresso machine. I also have a Cuisinart spinning coffee grinder that I was considering trying...

Patrick Mitchell


Member Since

June '21