Tasting Notes: Berry, Sugar, Chocolate

Tasting Notes: Berry, Sugar, Chocolate

Item information

Guji Decaf

Item information

Guji, Ethiopia


Variety: Ethiopian Heirloom

Processing: Swiss Water Processed

Origin: Guji, Ethiopia

Producers: Guji Small-holders

Altitude: 1600-1700m

We're very excited to be bringing an Ethiopian decaf coffee to the club. These heirloom beans were grown by small-holders in Guji, one of our favorite regions in Ethiopia that's known for big berry flavors and sweetness all round. Most Ethiopian coffees are caffeinated, so when we saw this lot had been Swiss Water Processed to remove the caffeine, we got excited! Swiss Water Process is our preferred decaffeination method since it only involves combining the processed green beans with water rather than other solvents, leaving more of the bean's original flavor for us to roast and highlight. Great decaf coffees can be tricky to source and even trickier to roast - which is why we're so excited to be bringing this stellar coffee to our decaf customers.

There's no denying that decaf coffees taste a bit different than caffeinated coffees - but even still it's easy to tell this coffee is a Guji. We pick up on notes of berry right out of the gate, with a nice aroma and sweetness filling the cup. There's also some of the lovely brown-sugar notes that the best decaf coffees exhibit - a welcome side-effect of the decaffeination process - and a rich darker chocolate flavor rounds out the profile. Whether you're always drinking decaf or just looking to expand your coffee-drinking hours - this is a great African coffee that you'll want to brew over and over again. Cheers!

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A sweet decaf to be enjoyed

I loved this one so much I immediately ordered the larger bag. Its also a decaf that still has so much flavor. The berry notes complement the brown sugar flavors nicely.


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