Guji, Ethiopia

Guji, Ethiopia

Item information

Hambela Wamena #1

Item information

Peach, Tea, Passionfruit


Variety: Wolisho, Kurume

Processing: Washed

Origin: Guji, Ethiopia

Producers: Mekuria Merga

Altitude: 2000-2500M


This lot of washed Ethiopian coffee comes from Guji - more specifically, the area around the town of Benti. Small-holder coffee farmers in Guji typically have about 3 hectares in production and bring their harvest to centralized stations for processing. Mekuria Mergia owns and operates the Benti Nenka station, where this coffee was sorted, washed, and dried on raised beds. Mekuria has been processing high-quality coffee in Ethiopia for over 20 years - and more recently started his own export business to help his delicious coffees connect with expert roasters around the world. Nordic Approach has been working with Mekuria for several years and looks forward to his lots with every harvest.

We'll be looking forward to future harvests as well - because this coffee is fantastic! A cup of Hambela Wamena #1 is giving us summer vibes, with bright peachy notes and that classic Ethiopian floral tea-like flavor. There's a punch of tropical fruit acidity too - making for a coffee that'll wake you up in more ways than one! Grab your favorite brewing device, and enjoy!

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