Homacho Waeno

Lemon, Custard, Honeysuckle, Dried Fruit

Variety: Ethiopian Heirloom

Processing: Washed

Crop Year: 2016

Origin: Sidama, Ethiopia

Producers: Homacho Waeno Cooperative

Altitude: 2000m

These tasty beans are a product of the Sidama region of Ethiopia, which is world-renowned for its shade-grown heirloom varietals. The region is named after the Sidama people, who have been cultivating and drinking coffee for generations. Coffees from Sidama have been meticulously selected over the years to be hardy and delicious, so that they can produce a remarkably consistent and sweet flavor. This particular lot of washed heirloom beans definitely embodies the character of Simada coffee with a sweet and balanced flavor profile. Bright lemon acidity and tart custard tastes give this coffee an edge, while a floral honeysuckle note adds some sweetness and delicacy that levels things out. The result is a smooth, mellow brew that's the perfect way to start your day. We hope you love it as much as we do!

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Kirsten Barrie


Member Since
April '13
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An Ethiopian Surprise

I usually avoid Ethiopian beans but these are well balanced and delicious. I especially like the honeysuckle note!


Justin Porter


Member Since
February '16
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Need Another shipment Pronto

This coffee represents all that I love about the Sidama coffees. The fruity mellow smooth flavors that are just the signature of the region's coffee. Now I just wish that I could stop the variation in shipments and just send me this for a while...


Joseph Dresselhaus


Member Since
March '17
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Excellent, but unforgiving

The first cup I brewed was terrific, easily top 10, and demonstrated everything that is wonderful about specialty coffee. All of the notes were there, extraction was clear, just an excellent cup. I really nailed the prep on that one, but every other cup from the bag I was off just enough to miss the magic, even though the beans were excellent overall. I could blame my Porlex Mini, but it's not normally this big of a problem, this coffee was just super picky. Brew temperature and amount of stirring made a much bigger difference than normal. As good as that first cup was, a whole third of the bag was barely enjoyable because of the narrow window of acceptable brew parameters.