Orange, Spice, Kiwi

Orange, Spice, Kiwi

Item information

Kingha Collective #2

Item information

Kanungo, Uganda


Variety: SL-14, SL-28

Processing: Anaerobic Washed

Origin: Kanungo, Uganda

Producers: Kingha Estate

Altitude: 1300-1550M


This coffee comes from the Kingha Collective in Uganda, which operates as a washing station for local coffee growers in the area. The washing station was started by Kingsley Griffin, who also operates his own coffee farm, Kingha Estate. Plenty of sunshine and an abundance of rainfall allow for the slow development of coffee cherries and makes for a very interesting cup Kingsley carefully selected the growers, with an emphasis on quality and consistency. Along with growing great coffee, Kingsley is focused on improving the income and livelihood of Ugandan coffee farmers. He believes in giving back to the community by providing clothing, school supplies, and best practices for coffee growers in the area.

We are super excited to offer this coffee from Kingha Collective. Look for a bright and structured cup, layered with juicy stone fruit, orange and kiwi. Look for the subtle notes of cinnamon and punchy herbals. Yum!

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4.0 out of 5

Yummy spice

I think this is my first Ugandan coffee and I like it a lot! The spice/cinnamon scent hangs over the aroma in a pleasing way not subtle in my judgment, but this is a good thing - it seems to unite the layered flavor nicely. I also like the citrusy notes - they seemed a little bit more lime to me than orange or kiwi, but the difference is pretty negligible. Whatever you call it, the citrusy flavor really helps layer the flavor. Overall, a pleasing cup, not knock you out good, but unique, smooth, and flavorful.

Rob Brayer


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September '20